~Wednesday, July 18, 2007

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Peach nominated me for an award:

That's right, I rock. She said it so it's true. I tried to tell her that she confused "poignant" with "bat-shit crazy," but she wouldn't listen. Peach could easily drink me under the table while she charms the mens with her talented writing style and strong voice. I've become a little obsessed with her sidebar. And she nominated me!

Okay, so it's my turn to nominate five female bloggers:

  1. *kb* at For once it's all about me!. I am obsessed with her preoccupation over the ME. I can't get enough. Luckily for me, she feeds my addiction by updating several times a day. At all times I am in the know over the ME. I love it.
  2. M-Joy at You can't make this stuff up... As Guy continues to try to emotionally attach to her, M-Joy turns him down and then second guesses herself. Does she like him and is afraid to admit it, or is it all just great sex? I have no idea, but I can't wait to see where this goes.
  3. the copasetic fish at the copasetic fish. I knew there was something I loved about her as I poured through her archives one afternoon when she made a reference to it: This Fish. I am a This Fish fan; she is a This Fish fan and her writing remarkably touches on it with her common themes and circular storylines. Even in the midst of all the romantic cynicism, the copasetic fish still dares to reveal her heart in some quite memorable posts.
  4. Nomes at Miss Adventure Continues... is a new distraction of mine. Usually I hate girls from Czech because they are all so damn gorgeous I can't stand it. Nomes is no exception, but she's also bright and hilarious. I wish we could be bff while drinking bottles of wine on the Orient Express. I hope she finishes her 100 things.
  5. Where would I be without Blue Soup at Blue Soup? We work at similar companies, she loves to drink and take photos and publish them on teh Intarwebs, and she loves her rats for heaven's sake. And when she gets really angry she writes in British colloquialisms that I barely understand, but think is the most adorable thing ever.

Also, (Not-so)Single Girl tagged me to list seven random things about myself:
  1. I think I have a big head. I've never had my big head theory confirmed, but I'm taller than most of my friends by at least three to four inches so naturally everything about me is a little bigger, including the size of my head.
  2. I get unbelievable spouts of road rage that will never make it on the blog simply because it is too damning. I won't even realize what I shouted at perfect strangers until I already said it. I'm told time and time again that I'm not invincible, but so far I've been pretty fortunate in my confrontations. I think I would secretly like to throw down just once to see if I can do it.
  3. You wouldn't be able to tell from my blog template, but there is a lot of pink in my life. My cell phone is pink, my iPod earbuds are pink, I wear it a lot and the color makes me feel good.
  4. I just got a haircut the other day and I had over four inches taken off. I went from long, straight hair to shoulder length with choppy layers. I haven't made my mind up about it yet. I think I liked the long hair a little more.
  5. The actress I resemble the most is Michelle Williams. I am perfectly okay with the idea of having Heath Ledger's baby.
  6. I have to talk on the phone while I drive home from work. I have no idea why I need to do this. No, I can't just hang up and drive. Yesterday I called a guy friend I haven't spoken to in three months just so I would have someone to talk to.
  7. I think Will Ferrell movies are hilarious. Even Anchorman.
While I'm updating, I also revisited my 100 Things About Me and made some changes where I thought necessary. The list began to seem a little pathetic. It's also time to update my links, so if you want to be linked, let me know.


*kb* said...

Aw, thanks! But fortunately this preoccupation will be ending soon! I'm just hoping I will have something new to entertain you with! :D

copasetic fish said...

awww... you're too sweet! and oddly enough, this was the very night i was feeling like no one really read my blog anymore :-) aside from being a really kind blogger, you must also be part psychic!

Nomes said...

Awww.....thanks babe! I've enjoyed reading your blog since I came in about the time Jack and you were in the middle of parting ways.

Oh and *wince* I'm actually a kiwi/brit. I hate the Czech girls too: for similar reasons. And don't get me started on their manipulative ways...hell, Machiavelli must've studied here.

Blue Soup said...

Thank you chicken! You made my day! I really needed that after my last post (which I don't even recall writing). So don't feel like blogging today though.x

Anonymous said...

I am truly honored to be nominated and I am amongst greater writers than myself...really.

As for the Guy saga will continue tonight...just about caught up (finally).


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