~Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kicking a Dead Horse (PETA approved)

Jack announced he had a new blog entry up and curiosity killed me so I had to read it:

It's funny what a little time and perspective can do for someone. Previously I would have thought his new "friend", as he alludes to her, somehow used him or treated him badly. Now I laugh at his self-entitled sniveling. Of course he thinks she should appreciate him more, he is, after all, Hot. Shit.

A Hot. Shit. who plagiarizes Dylan Thomas on MySpace.

The week that Jack and I ended things, I read in the paper that the bartender we had on our second date was mugged then shot and killed right outside the bar. Then a few days later, as I was driving past the restaurant we had our last date at, I saw the SWAT team surround the place. I think the incidents serve as the final punctuation for our relationship.

That or I need to seriously question the safety of my side of town.


a giRL liKe mE said...

This sounds pretty scary. Stay safe!!

dont eat the token said...

Good ending point there. Keep that mace close.

Amber said...

You live in a big city, but have a security entrance to your apartment.

I think it could totally symbolize the train wreck that your relationship with Jack was, from beginning to end.

He obviously attracts bad shit wherever he goes.

You do need to be careful though... I agree with dont eat the token about keeping the mace close!

Peach said...

anyone who plagiarizes anyone should be shot imo

Drama Queen said...

Oh did blogger eat my comment?

Sarah said...

Must have, I never saw it!

Drama Queen said...

can't imagine it being that good anyway. . .


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