~Monday, July 23, 2007

A Major Case of TMI

So... not a whole lot to report on. Mainly because nothing has happened.

When I've taken Plan B (Levonelle) in the past, it's always made me get my period immediately, as opposed to staying on my cycle. That didn't happen this time because I took the damn drug almost five days ago and nothing.

Which basically means I'm going to be playing the waiting game for the next few weeks.

I went to the website and read up on the drug and exactly how it works so I could figure out what was going on with my body:

Plan B® works like a birth control pill to prevent pregnancy mainly by stopping the release of an egg from the ovary. It is possible that Plan B® may also work by preventing fertilization of an egg (the uniting of sperm with the egg) or by preventing attachment (implantation) to the uterus (womb), which usually occurs beginning 7 days after release of an egg from the ovary. Plan B® will not do anything to a fertilized egg already attached to the uterus. The pregnancy will continue.

This sounds all fine and well, but I've already ovulated. Last week was actually the worst week for it to happen because I was smack dab in my fertility lollapalooza. It says the drug "may also" work in the situation I need it to, but that's not what it's designed to do. I think the best thing I could have done was to take it within the hour, but we'll see.

Scott is a lot more confident after talking it out with the guys at the shop the next day. Meanwhile, I'm slowly going nuts at the idea of waiting two more weeks and I haven't said anything to him about it. I'm not going to. He just won't be able to absorb the information rationally.

And I guess I shouldn't be peeved the guys at the shop know all of my business. I just told the whole Intarwebs.


Drama Queen said...

Secret is safe with us. And I never bleed after taking it, it didn't disrupt my cycle at all. Although I am on the pill and they suggest you carry on taking the pill as norm so that might have had something to do with it. . .

I am sure depending on when you take it that it can have different effects each time.

I am confident you will be fine.

Single Girl said...

I've never taken it as I've been on the Pill for about 8 years now, but don't worry too much, that will only make your period late!

Who cares about his friends knowing? It's probably happened to them too and if it hasn't, stuff like that isn't so taboo anymore and they're grown men, they can take it!

Think positive thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Is it too soon to get a pregnancy test? I mean I thought now days you could practically take one within 72 hours of intercourse.

Me said...

Pregnancy isn't the end of the world. Just a huge earthquake.

Of course, I think I'm in too odd of a place to really comment - I'm still debating if I was subconsciously trying to impregnate two women at the same time.

pink jellybaby said...

you'll be alright i'm sure. i've never bled when i took it either, fingers crossed for you x

M said...

oh lord. I hope it all turns out okay - whichever way it goes. Funny how we (collectively) spend our early years doing anything to avoid it happening and then find it so hard to conceive when we (collective) actually want it to happen.


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