~Monday, August 13, 2007


Saturday I went to lunch with the girls in my group of friends. I was tired of everything not being said. The group hadn't been hanging out much lately and Scott had been there for me when my friends hadn't--I could feel my loyalties switching and I wanted to just clear everything up so we could all be happy again.

"Who knew summer would kill us?" chewed D. "Everyone took their vacations and we just haven't been able to get realigned since."

I was glad that when I asked for the lunch, everyone immediately agreed. At the table we realized that we have never had lunch before, we have dinners and--more frequently--happy hour drinks. They also already knew the reasons I wanted to have lunch and they readily came. They were willing to listen.

They asked questions about Scott's and my fight. I never had an opportunity to explain anything about that night since everyone had a chance to calm down. As soon as I retold the story, relief immediately washed over Harvey's face, "Good. That's what I wanted to hear."

Each girl took a turn asking different questions about him--they never even got to know him before cutting him off. They reminded me of how parents behave, which makes me smile.

"How long was he single before you?"

"Fourteen months."

"Does he want to get married?"

"He does. He talks about it a lot."

"Are you ready to settle?"

"Meh, I don't know."

Harvey laughed, "I think that's as close to a 'yes' we'll ever get out of you!"

"I love you guys and I love him. You're my two favorite parts of my life," I said. "I want to bring those parts together."

"Okay," they smiled. My girlfriends lifted the Scott ban with the understanding that things will be awkward when I bring him out again. I know. Scott knows.

But we're all willing to try again.


Single Girl said...

Glad to hear there has been a reconciliation and everyone is willing to come together again! Yay! Yeah, the first meeting again will be awkward, but at least you know to expect that so it won't be as bad, but it will be over quickly and then it can go back to being relaxed and fun!

J said...

Yay! Glad to hear that your friends were reasonable and heard you out.

Anonymous said...

Thank gawd they gave some grace... we all need a little. :)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear the next chapter!!

Indiana said...

Combining the two parts of your life is the hardest thing.

Blue Soup said...

I wish your mates would talk to Beardy's mates. They just cut me out over a year ago when Beardy and I split up and never let me in again. I suppose they didn't have to with us living 80 miles apart because I never saw them, when I went to see him we did stuff just the two of us, but now we are all in London (and Beardy is moving here in a month or two as well), it is inevitable that there will be more group stuff and it can't be avoided forever.

Thankfully one bunch do still seem to really like me, which may help, and a couple have said to him that they realise that they need to sort things out and clear the air because, 18 months later, and 10 months of those mostly back together, I'm probably not "going anywhere" for a while, assuming that us living near each other doesn't put paid to that relationship which totally wouldn't surprise me.

Oh hum, now I have upset myself!

Anyway, I;m pleased your mates are willing to listen. Good luck ! xx

Venting said...

Good to hear your friends finally came around. Hoorah!

SuvvyGirl said...

I'm glad they snapped out of it. :) I was hoping they would come around eventually. yay for things working out!!!

AmyD said...

SO glad you got this cleared up! What a relief, huh? I think it's great how grown up everyone was about this. And how great your friends are to have been so loyal and worried in the first place. Consider yourself lucky on all accounts. :o)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like everything went great. I hope they are able to get past their initial judgements and see what you see in him :)


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