~Friday, August 10, 2007

Meet and Greet

"And how do you know M-Joy again?" he asked me.

"Uh, the city."

You know her from the city."



"Okay, well I haven't actually met her yet," I danced from side to side, "But I talk to her all day long on... message boards! Yes, message boards!"

"Oh, okay!"

I can't believe he bought it.

So it was on, we were meeting M-Joy at a local bar for her birthday. Besides my joy in meeting other people who blog, the friend thing has not been resolved at all in my life. Matter of fact, it was as worse as ever. I missed G's last-minute birthday plans because it was already planned that Scott was meeting my parents that night. My e-mail, MySpace message, and phone call all went unreturned. Passive aggressive comments have been spread all over my MySpace board. Scott is still banned from all events involving the friends. Meeting new people seemed like a good idea as any right about now.

Picking someone out in a bar based on a photograph is actually not as hard as it sounds. I greeted M-Joy with a hug and met C (!). We giggled as we spoke in our secret blog code the boys didn't understand. We basically introduced Scott to C and said, "C used to own a motorcycle. Scott sells motorbikes. Go!"

We headed upstairs to the actual venue and gossiped some more while swaying to the music. The opening band was really good--one of the most enjoyable opening acts I've ever seen.

Then Scott's face turns white and he starts wobbling.

He hadn't been to work for a few days because of some horrible virus. I had affectionately started calling him Poops. Poops mumbled something about me taking him to the car and leaving him there while I dance with M-Joy, but leaving your sick and throwing-up boyfriend in the car while you drink in a bar sounded like a recipe for AA if I ever heard one. So we dashed out the door, just quick enough for him to get sick on the sidewalk, and the gas station bushes, and the parking lot when we finally got there. And again outside the door to my apartment.

I'm going to leave out the details of the rest of my night, but it does involve the sentence, "Buying a machine-washable couch cover was the best decision I ever made."

But meeting M-Joy was a blast and I'm so happy I got to celebrate her birthday with her! She writes about it here.


dont eat the token said...

Ugh, I'm sorry he got so sick. I hope he is finally back to healthy and hydrated.


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