~Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mostly Pink

It's kind of hard to break it to your parents that you're living with someone when that someone completely overcompensates for it. Scott must have had a change of heart when I explained to him why I haven't told anyone yet, because at Sunday dinner with my mother, he made no less than seven references to me living by myself.

Mother: (Starting trouble) So, has Sarah told you about all her Christmas decorating yet?
Sarah: (Hissing) Shh, Mom. He's upset enough as it is when I told him I don't get real trees.
Scott: (Completely overcompensating) I keep hearing about Sarah's Christmas decorating, but she won't tell me what's up. Doesn't matter to me though, it's her place by herself and she can do what she wants with it. It's not my tree. It's not my apartment. Nope.
Sarah: (Groans, but takes in secret pleasure that he verbally stated that he won't care when he comes home and discovers that all the Christmas decorations are red and pink. Mostly pink.)

T minus two days until my mother comes over and sees for herself.


Dazza said...

Pink!! No, that can't be right... still might take their minds off the other thing.


kristin b said...

pink!? that's hilarious.

good luck!!

Blue Soup said...


And LOL at Scott. what a sweetie.

Peach said...

lol, scott's funny... pink though, seriously? !

Drama Queen said...

I remember doing this when talking about a kettle:

“our kettle is like that. No, well, I mean my kettle. When Boyfriend comes round he uses it, that’s why sometimes it’s his. But it’s all mine. I bought my own kettle, so its mine. All mine”.

And re the pink tree. Go girl. . .I saw some pink feather boas once being used as tinsel, just in case you really want to camp it up.

lowly peasant errand girl said...

Pink is a great christmas color :)

and goodluck with your mum. everything will be ok. besides - you've got such a sweetie in your corner :)

SuvvyGirl said...

Pink. I used to love pink but I think I overdid it when I was little. But I'm starting to like it again thanks to my new little one. She looks so cute in pink. Scotts a sweetie you will have to let us know how your mother takes everything.

J said...

Christmas decorations are awesome no matter what colour they are!!

T.J. said...

I agree with J! Christmas decorations are awesome...blue, pink, black and silver (have you BEEN to the Christmas section at your local Wal-Mart lately??) Scott also makes me laugh...good luck :)

londongirl said...

I hope it is going well!!!!!

And funny re scott - bless him for trying...


"it's her place by herself and she can do what she wants with it. It's not my tree. It's not my apartment. Nope"

Your boy sounds like quite a funny guy!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm officially inviting myself over to see this pink tree I keep hearing about!

And Scott is going to giggle like mad when he sees all of your decorations I can practically see him now. He's really that great of a guy.

And would you BLOG already about Thanksgiving??? I'm dying to hear about it!

>*;* said...

You must post a photo of this pinkness!

AmyD said...

Oh crud...so how did it go?!

You know you have to post a picture of this all pink (well, MOSTLY) tree for us now, right?? ;o)

Hope the family drama was/is minimal!

Jamie said...

That's so funny. I was just telling my mom she should decorate the tree with a pink theme. I'm quite sure my family laughed in my face.


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