~Monday, January 07, 2008

Click on through to the other side

I am so proud of myself. Really. I am.

If I had a chocolate cupcake in front of me right now, I'd stuff a candle in it and sing to myself. That's how proud I am.

Scott told me nine and a half days ago that his ex-wife's sister friended him on MySpace. His ex-wife is now three clicks away from me, and I can find out who she is and what she looks like.

I have known this for nine and half days and I have yet to click on through.*

If I was being really honest though, I would say fear is the overwhelming factor here, not self-restraint. Because Scott never shies away from saying how beautiful she is. "100 pounds, soaking wet," he'd say. "I only got with her because she had a nice ass," he'd say.

"I used to be into looks, but now I'm just into you," he'd say.**

*And to anyone who has access to my MySpace: please don't stalk for me and report back. Actually, stalk all you want, just don't tell me. I'm doing really well right now, taming the jealous beast.

**To be fair, after wailing and gnashing of teeth, he backtracked clarified the statement using such phrases as "but you're so much smarter" and "total package," and finally, "yes, your ass is nicer."


Peach said...

you know what? If you can, I wouldn't even bother, don't lower yourself, although I know it's ridiculously tempting... sometimes the details just might make worse an ok scenario that you were already dealing well with....? X

londongirl said...

I'm very impressed at your self restraint.

Paige Jennifer said...

Yeah, I am not a jealous one but I am a curious beast - I'd find that profile and sooner rather than later.

And maybe this is me being me. Maybe I'm hypersensitive about appearances (which apparently is grounded in anything but reality) but I found Scott's comments about his ex to be, um, unnecessary. That's like you noting that a previous beau had the perfect cock. The girth, the length, the...oh, sweetie, don't worry - I like you more.


M said...

oh my god I would have checked it pronto. I'm impressed!

J said...

Amazing self restraint on your part! I wish I had even half an ounce of it!!

Eileen Dover said...

Knowing my friends, they would have sent requests to be friends and done some undercover-stalking.

I'm really amazed at your self-restraint... I really don't have the same level.

Trin said...

I don't think I would want to know to be honest. I guess I'm secure in the fact that they are with me and not their ex.
I kind of agree with Paige on this one. I NEVER talk about my ex's unless I am specifically asked a question and usually I follow up with something low key.

AmyD said...

Ooooh, you are much stronger then I would be! How are you not cyberstalking that skinny dumb bitch right now??? Haha!

And as far as I'm concerned, men should just be born with a foot in their mouth...I wouldn't worry too much about that comment Scott made. ;o)

kristin b said...

let me just tell you.. if i was your friend on myspace.. it wouldn't have taken me 2 seconds to be curious enough to find this girl. so good for you!! i know i don't have that same self control!!

Appletini said...

Oooh! How tempting! Kudos to you!

Bu thtere is NOTHING like taking a look and to be able to tell your man, "eww! what were you thinking?!"

I'm sure she is NOT that beautiful.

100 lbs is anorexic ;p


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