~Friday, December 28, 2007

It's amazing no one was bleeding by the end

Christmas was exhausting. With both our parents divorced, we visited four houses all across the state to not disappoint anyone. When we reached my father's—our last stop—I cried from being stretched too thinly. My step-siblings couldn't wait any longer for me to get there and they gathered their families and moved on to their next house, leaving a handful of presents for me under the vacant Christmas tree.

Scott loved his knives, although it didn't come without its own drama. I told everyone what I was getting him, yet when I opened my present from my brother, I unwrapped my very own cook's knife. From J. A. Henkles. Scott gasped with glee at the sight of a brand! new! cook's knife! and the momentum of my present was stolen.

"Um, that's nice," I muttered, unable to hide my disappointment. You could argue that he perhaps didn't know, but I told him in person. In October. And I distinctly remember saying that I decided on Wüsthof, because he said he had Henkles and then we started to bicker over Wüsthof versus Henkles. Yes, we pretty much hate each other.

My mother later confessed to me that she told my brother twice that I got Scott the knives, and when I later relayed the story to my father, he also said he told my brother the same thing. So he heard it no less than four times. And maybe I'm being petty, but if he really wanted to get me the exact same thing I told him I was buying for my boyfriend thus ruining my surprise, he could have at least got a knife from the same brand so they would match.

"You can exchange it, if you want," his wife offered.

"Where?" I chirped entirely too quickly.

And with my ungratefulness, she ran upstairs on Christmas Eve and didn't come down for the rest of the night, solidifying my position as Ruler of All That Is Evil for another consecutive year.

Scott was still happy when I reluctantly tossed my present at him with a "Here, you may as well open this now." He said his knife set that was stolen out of his car years ago was Wüsthof, so apparently he's on my side of the Wüsthof versus Henkles debate. God, I love him.

I also love what he got me:


T.J. said...

How sweet...I too love it. Classic and timeless.

Tilly said...

Holy bling! I've yet to posess a diamond in any form. But I did get some other non-diamond jewels from the Feej. Which I love (and half I picked out after the fact)!

Also, getting through the holidays is considered a MAJOR accomplishment in my book. So, Happy 2008!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful!!! What a perfect gift from a boyfriend. Yea for men who know how to shop! :)

Two Drink Girl said...

I wanted one of those, but wasn't willing to pay the price. Lover Boy's mom got me a cheap copy...gotta love her!

Anonymous said...

Awee that was an awesome gift on both your parts, and of course like the true loving boyfriend he is he loved your gift more ;)

Lpeg said...

That's too bad your bother had to do that. You did get Scott a great gift, and that necklace is really pretty!

I hope the rest of the holidays went well? Did you tell them?

M said...

I too hold the title of Ruler of All That Is Evil in my fam. Woo - we rock!

Peach said...

Family eh?

Glad you and Scott are so in tune !


Diane Mandy said...

Scott has good taste!

Enny said...

It's beautiful!
And I'm glad he was so appreciative of yours too :o)

AmyD said...

Haha! "WHERE?" That's classic...I hope you can return your knife and get another one to add to your now-growing set! As for your present from Scott, it's beautiful!!! He does good work!

Happy New Year!!

>*;* said...

YAY.. diamonds!


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