~Monday, August 25, 2008

Bad news is still good news, just because it's freakin' news

Scott has returned to the scary free clinic downtown. He visited there after a less severe bike accident and last time I didn't fare very well with the Hispanic children trying to take my food out of my hands. But beggars can't be choosers and we're grateful for the option.

It's a Christian clinic, designed to help those without health insurance or incomes receive medical care. The pay is on a sliding scale and it's kept inexpensive because doctors volunteer their hours there.

The volunteer doctor grimaced at the sight of Scott's hand. "You got burned through all seven layers of skin," he told him. "All that's left is the flesh."

The doctor set up a tub of warm, soapy water and instructed Scott to soak his hand, elbow, and foot for 20 minutes each, twice a day, starting right there. It should soften up the burns and relieve some of the pressure and swelling. He also wrote out yet more prescriptions: a burn cream, another pain prescription, another antibiotic, and the mega dose of ibuprofen.

Honestly, I was startled at the difference in attention Scott received from the two doctors. The rich one we know wouldn't even look at Scott's injuries and berated us, and the volunteer doctor that took the best care of him yet. I guess he volunteers because of his faith and his gifts. But I know not all of the people that come in to that clinic are like Scott. There are the homeless men looking to get high that they must deal with on a daily basis. I know that that must be difficult to deal with and, for me, it would make me even more cynical and jaded. But I guess it's not fair for me to project my misgivings on to other people.

But, finally, we have a diagnosis and a plan. Scott is to return to the clinic every three days so the doctor can check the progress on the wounds. If the swelling is not down to an acceptable level by early this week, then the doctor is going to refer him to a different hospital than the one we went to for skin grafts. Poor Scott is so skinny that I don't know where this extra skin is going to come from. I just hope that he'll be able to wiggle his fingers and be able to use his hand again. I'm trying to keep that my main focus.

And even though the diagnosis and the plan means that things are more severe than originally thought, it's good to finally know what is going on. To know, for sure, what the problem is takes some of the stress away. Now we're just hoping that he heals enough on his own that he won't need the grafts.


Diane Mandy said...

I can't believe the tough luck that has fallen on you and Scott. I am very relieved he has found a doctor that is taking his injuries seriously!

Cara said...

God bless that doctor for volunteering and looking after Scott so well.

Will keep praying for you and Scott.



Anonymous said...

That is good news, i'm glad he has found a decent doctor and has to go back regularly x

AmyD said...

Thank God for the new, understanding, and respectful doctor! I hope this is a plan that will get Scott back to health. It certainly looks much more promising than the shameful "doctor" who "took care" of him before...

Good luck and stay positive!!!

"*;*" said...

I'm very relieved you FINALLY found someone that was willing to help.

Thank God!

Ariel said...

Why is medical care such a lottery in the US?

Debbie said...

Thank you so much for the thank you card I received in the mail today!

I wish I could have helped more, but at least it'll cover one prescription. :)

I could never afford health care for my girls while they were growin up, so I always had to take them to the clinics that go by the sliding scale. Sometimes we got lucky and got a great Dr, but for the most part, they were treated by Dr's who really didn't talk to them or care about their symptoms. Even now, my 24 year old daughter has a problem making them understand when something is wrong.

I'm glad he found a Dr. who is compassionate and good.

Hang in there hon, there is always a rainbow after a storm.

dont eat the token said...

Hey girl, I was thinking about your neck the other day (sounds kinda sexy?!), and I hope that this next biopsy is conclusive and good!

Also, thank goodness that you have finally found some compassion at the clinic.

Email me when you know more about your neck! x

Trixie said...

Thank you for the lovely letter I received in the post when I got back from hols today.

I truly hope everything works out for Scott and his hand heals enough for him to conitnue chefing.

KennethSF said...

Hope Scott's injuries heal soon. Sadly, indifference is the usual outcome of doing the same thing over and over on a daily basis. I'm glad you found a doctor who is not too burned out to recognize that his patients are humans, not just case numbers.

Cara said...

Still praying.


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