~Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I've been fortunate that my new place of employment lets me work from home when I need to. I took most of last week off to take care of Scott. The first couple of days he couldn't move around much and he was bleeding through his bandages every couple of hours. This product is really good at getting blood and ooze out of blankets, sheets, and couch covers. Good news is that he didn't lose his appetite like he did last time, so the roles have been switched and I've been cooking for him. However, my role of cooking has been heating up a can of tomato soup and grabbing the crackers out of the cupboard.

We went to the impound lot to visit his bike. Neither of us could agree what it looked like from the accident. He asked me in the hospital and I told him the mirrors and the handle bars had broken off. He looked away, assuming I was exaggerating.

"No, I remember looking over at it when I was strapped to the gurney. It didn't look that bad," he argued.

"Babe, you were unconscious for over 10 minutes. You are deluded if you think it's fine. It's totaled."

I told him that again when he got a $105 of his money to get the bike out of impound. He dismissed me again.

The bike was actually worse than I thought. Not only were the handle bars and mirrors broken off, but so were the tail lights, the wind screen, and the instrument panel. The front is a heap of broken plastic knotted by exposed wires. Instinct told me to grab my camera from my purse and take pictures of the bike. Maybe I'll upload them later. While I was zooming and focusing, Scott took the bike off the kick stand and found the start button dangling to the right side. He inserted his key and tried to start it. After a few tries, the damn thing started. It was all he needed to think that he can haul the bike home and fix it.

"Yeah, you'll just need a whole new front end," I said wryly.

As we waited an hour for his step-father to drive into the city with his pickup truck to load Scott's bike, we ran to a nearby fast-food joint to get lunch.

"I really thought I could just drive it home," Scott admitted.

"Deluded," I repeated, mouth full of burrito. "I told you there were no handle bars on it."

"I thought you were just being a woman."

I raised an eyebrow.

"You know," he explained, "Making things sound worse than they really are."

"Well it was really missing its handle bars."


On Thursday, I called in a favor with my family friend who's a doctor and made an appointment for Scott. My mother goes to him and says he's a good doctor, but I just don't get that same feeling. After seeing a specialist for my thyroid tumor, the specialist was shocked that he put me on steroids for it. I did some research on it as well and I told my parents and Scott that I wasn't comfortable with his treatment. Not really having an alternative, and partly not wanting to hurt his feelings with my doubt, I took the steroids. Which, according to the specialist I'm currently seeing, was a huge mistake. (By the way, I'm having another cancer biopsy next week, so awesome that all of this is going on at the same time.)

In the cramped room we waited for the doctor. I took out my camera again and took pictures of Scott's injuries (too gross to upload). The doctor came in and took one look at Scott's knees and pulled out his prescription pad. Scott started on the story with the accident, what hurt, and he started to unwrap his hand to show the doctor his injuries. The doctor cut him off. Scott looked at me helplessly.

"We want to tell you what happened," I tried.

"No, I don't need to know and I don't need to see it. I can tell from his legs that he has an infection. He needs antibiotics."

"I asked for some at the hospital and they wouldn't give me any," said Scott.

The doctor shook his head, presumably about the quality of the hospital, and continued writing on his pad.

"But won't you look at his hand? It looks bad," I said.

"No, I don't need to see his hand," he said visibly irritated.

"Well, he has a hole in his arm and he's complaining about painful breathing."

"Look!" the doctor whirled around. "We can either sit here and talk about what needs to be done, or we can do it! Which do you want?"

Scott and I both looked to the ground like scolded school children. I don't know if he's that good of a doctor and just doesn't need to see Scott, but I know I want the peace of mind of telling the doctor what happened and showing him the injuries just in case there is something going on that he doesn't see from a skinned knee.

He's been on the antibiotics for five days now and there is no improvement. If anything, Scott's hand continues to swell. Fortunately, the painful breathing has stopped. I called my mom and told her about the doctor's visit. Concerned, she said he messed up once with my thyroid tumor treatment and now this. She said he's going through a messy divorce and his kids no longer visit him because their mother now has all the money. She thinks that this is affecting his work.

Screwed over by a hospital and now a loose-cannon doctor, we continue to seek medical treatment for Scott.


SuvvyGirl said...

I'm sure everything will look up eventually. Remeber bad luck runs in 3's. have you hit your 3rd one yet? And have you checked with the hospital to see if Scott's income is low enough they can write the majority of the bills off? Our hospital here has that policy and i think most do anymore. So there may be some relief there. and play the lottery :) In the meantime start looking into a few home remedies for Scott too. Cranberry juice is a natural anitbiotic and helps wonderfully with urinary problems. I'm not a huge health food freak or anything but I have found some home rememdies that have worked wonders for me and my family. They worst thing they can do is taste horrible. Hugs :)

Jen said...

there's a homeopathic remedy for faster healing....right now I'm trying to remember the name.....
arnica (not sure if you spell it that way though.....I phonetically spelled it)....what triggered me remembering: the word antartica lol.

I hope you guys will find some kind of peace somehow! You guys definitely don't deserve any of this.

But anyway, the arnica will help with the healing...physically. I dont' think it's very expensive either. My mom's an LPN and she always says "Get some arnica!" so I guess she swears by it.

*e-hugs* I'll keep you guys in my prayers!

Taken Girl said...

Hey!! So sorry to hear about everything that's happened. I have to agree with suvvygirl here - I'm sure the hospital can write off most of Scott's bills in this case, I'm pretty positive which hospital you went to, and I'm sure they would do that there.

As far as doctors, if you feel comfortable, let me know which doctor you took Scott too. If you want, I can recommend another doctor he could see that sees patients on a sliding scale or something like that. I work in the area with doctors, so I'm sure I can find someone for you guys!

Cara said...

Very sorry to hear about your health woes and Scott's injuries.

Will keep praying for you both.



CC said...

i'm so sorry to hear about all of the trouble you've been having with the doctor and the hospital. i would really be concerned about the doctor not wanting to see the injuries though...you should definitely seek a second opinion as soon as you can afford it! i'll keep you guys in my prayers and i know you'll find the right doctor somehow.

Cara said...

Dear Sarah,

True to my word, I have been praying for Scott (and you), however tonight whilst in bed and doing a quick prayer for you and Scott before I go to sleep, I got a feeling that God wanted me to pass some information on to you, so here it is (I've had to stop my bedtime preparation and switch my computer back on in order to send this comment to you immediately). Please click on the following links for the information:

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Info three - VERY important.

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Finally, regardless of what I feel God is trying to tell me to pass on to you, I personally believe that you and Scott are under spiritual attack, and not just 'bad luck' as some people think. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against PRINCIPALITIES, against POWERS, against the RULERS of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesians 6:12 KJV.

I believe that in order for God to intervene and save you both from these attacks it is absolutely vital that you sort out your living situation and either get married or live apart and refrain from sexual intercourse until you get married. It is not in keeping with the 10 commandments and I believe that it is hindering your life and preventing lasting blessings from God.

You might be sceptical about these informative articles, as I once was (like you I previously lived with a partner), however read them with an open mind, and try them out. See for yourself if they work or not. I am 100% certain that they would work in your life if only you give them a chance, and start to experience a much better life with none of these 'good luck-bad luck' cycles that you have been experiencing for so long.

If you can, please buy this book. It gives you clear-cut steps you can take to start experiencing a better life.

"You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free" - John 8:32

Best wishes.




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