~Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Liner Notes

I could write another mushy post, but even I'm getting sick of them. So I present you with Weekend Liner Notes:

  • Saturday night we were playing a game of Truth. Christopher, being the boy, kept most of his questions sexual, such as have I ever grasped a girl's breast, have I ever made out with a girl, etc. I asked him how he found me on MySpace, considering I use a nickname on it instead of my real name. He said he searched through all of the Sarahs in the city until he found me, and it took him quite awhile. (Everybody together now: Awww.) As he admitted this, he reached his hand out to me and tickled his fingers in mine. (Swoon.) I asked him why and he said he remembered we used to have a lot of fun together. (Damn straight.)

  • In the spirit of Truth, Christopher admitted he had a secret to tell me. He turned my computer monitor towards me and showed me this gorgeous picture of this Broadway actress on his Facebook friends list. He told me that when he was out with his friend who is in the same Broadway production, this woman hit on him and made out with him. While we were dating. He said it happened before things got serious and before we were exclusive, and he feels really guilty about it. I remember that night because he called me when he got in at 2 a.m. and woke me up. And he was right, it was when things were relatively new. I'm strangely okay with it. It was BC—before commitment—and it was just kissing. I actually appreciate his honesty above all else. And if he feels guilty about it, then that means I have his heart which is more important. He assured me if the same situation happened again now, there would be no rogue kissing of ridiculously beautiful women.

  • Lastly, Christopher mentioned it was approaching October, therefore Oktoberfest would be ramping up in Helen, the German mountain town we visit. I teased I would go only if we could stop back at Babyland General Hospital to watch another Cabbage Patch birth. He admitted he actually really enjoyed that detour and that he teared up during the birth. I declared that I knew it because he stood up on his toes to watch, but he said it was because the children were so enraptured. I think that speaks a lot about his personality. He projects this tough guy image, but inside he's a big softy who gets choked up at doll births. Like I said, endearing.


Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

Awww.. him, and you, together .. you guys just get cuter by the day !

Lpeg said...

all together now.... awwwwwwww :)

nicole said...


i really like christopher. he's good for you. =)

Brittany said...

Awwwww....I LOVE this post!

Sultana said...

I've been lurking for sometime now, just wanted to say i love your blog. :)

TexInTheCity said...

Like everyone before me...awwwww! So cute!


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