~Friday, October 09, 2009

Rocky Morning

A rare Friday spent apart, I went to happy hour with gal pals Harvey and Dee and was in bed and asleep before midnight. At 4:30 a.m. I was awoken by a phone call from Christopher who had some big, insomniac revelation.

I laid in bed and lazily spoke to him. I kept my eyes closed and re-adjusted the sheets over my shoulder. Then the glass on one of my bedroom windows shuddered as a large object crashed into it.

I bolted up in bed. "Did you hear that?" I asked into the phone.

"Hear what?"

"Something just hit my window. It was either a large rock or a bird."

Christopher continued his conversation about the perfect Saturday he had planned for us. My mind wandered to the bird that had to have died on impact against my window. The poor, stupid and now dead bird. That flew into my window. The window with the blinds drawn, so it wouldn't have looked like the sky. The window that is flush against a very exspansive and imposing building. That doesn't sound right.

Just then, my window shook again as something else crashed into it.

"Christopher, there is somebody throwing rocks at my window. And these aren't pebbles. They are huge rocks from the sound of it. I'm surprised the window hasn't shattered yet."

I was no longer lounging lazily in bed, but now curled in the fetal position with the blankets tight in my grip. These weren't friendly rocks being friendedly thrown.

"Who's doing it?" he asked.

"I am not getting out of bed and sticking my face in the window that someone is aiming at!" I cried. "I don't want them to know I am home!"

Another rock hit my window. I yelped. Other rocks missed and I heard them bounce on the sidewalk 50 feet below me. I tried to figure out why of all the windows along this huge building against the street, mine was being targeted. Then I remembered it was a cool night, so I left my balcony doors open because my doggie loves to sit outside. Actually, I had been doing it all week. And usually when I get up in the morning, I find the Femme Fatale snoozing outside. I felt safe with the decision to leave the doors open because my apartment is so high up. Then the iron balcony railing stung on impact.

I gasped with the realization that my dog may be outside on the balcony. I hopped out of bed and kept the lights off and Christopher connected to my ear. As I approached the balcony door, I crouched low so no one could see me and pulled it shut and locked it. The Femme Fatale was not outside like I feared. I turned around to head back into the bedroom and stumbled across a large rock that was lying on my living room floor. Someone had aimed for my balcony and it landed inside my apartment.

I started crying. Someone was attacking me and I was scared. Christopher told me not to be so dramatic. I said there were rocks in my apartment that were large enough to kill the Femme Fatale upon impact. Large enough to kill me if struck on the head. I told him I was going to hang up and call the police. Christopher told me not to, that it was probably just drunk teenagers.

I continued to cry. I was alone in the dark in this big space. Christopher, still skeptical, got in the car and headed to my place. I was grateful he woke me up before this happened and that he was on the line with me throughout the ordeal. I don't know how I would have reacted if the rocks woke me up.

After I had closed the balcony door. The rocks had stopped. Christopher knocked at the door a few minutes later and again I was grateful because he lived so close by. I was afraid to look out the peephole and afraid to open the door.

"Alright, where is this rock in your apartment?" he asked.

I led him into the living room and Christopher turned the lights on. "There," I pointed.

"Holy shit, that rock is big enough to kill you!" he gasped.

"I know!"

He unlocked the balcony door and stepped outside. There, on the balcony between the Femme Fatale's fleece blanket and my basil plant, was a shoe. A motherfucking shoe.

"Why is there a shoe on your balcony?" Christopher was still having trouble believing me.

"I don't know!" I sneered. "Why in the world would I have a single, dirty, man's shoe?!"

It was then Christopher believed me. I kicked the shoe over so I could see it. I checked to see if it was the old boyfriend's. I didn't think it was.

"Do you think your ex could have done this?" Christopher asked as he checked the rest of my apartment. Christopher had read my mind without me saying anything. If it was just drunk teenagers, why weren't other apartments targeted? Why just my bedroom window and my living room balcony on my floor? There are easier windows to hit on the floors below me or further up the sidewalk.

"I don't think so. I made sure he doesn't know where I live, nor does he know anyone that knows where I live. Besides, he would have to know the building layout to know which apartment is mine from the street."

"Yeah, okay."

A few nights later, Christopher asked again if I thought it was my ex. I told him no. But am I positive in my response? Absolutely not.


Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

Oh wow, I really hope it isn't him. If this happens again, please call the police and have this settled.. this is so wrong and mean ! Be careful, okay ?

Dawn said...

It was perfect timing that you were on the phone with Christopher and that he was quick to come over.

I think I'd call the police now, and not wait to see if it happens again.

Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it wasn't Christopher

Anonymous said...

Or could it be your (ex)stepfather?

Sarah said...

It wasn't Christopher. I heard the TV on in the background of his apartment and all the noises of him locking his apartment up and getting in the car.

Only 3 people know where I live. My mom, my dad, and Christopher. My step-father purposely does not have my address in case my mother needs to come over. And I've never had friends over.

Anonymous said...

At first I thought it was Christopher but I'm glad it wasn't. That is way too scary. Make sure you close all your windows. Maybe get an alarm or something? Tell your neighbors what happened to just in case.

SuvvyGirl said...

My first response would have been to throw them back, which wouldn't have solved anything...so thank goodness you didn't react that way. Definately call the police if it happens again. It's very possible that someone was aiming for the Femme Fatale. It's amazing how many cruel people are out there that would do that. And I'm hoping Scott hasn't been smart enough to track you down.

MamaBear said...

Consider making a police report anyway. That way, if it happens again, you already have an incident on file.

I hope to god it's not the loser.

I hope Christopher takes you a little more seriously after this, too...

TexInTheCity said...


I'm about to get all big sister on you. Call your local police non emergency number and file a report like Mama Bear said. This is important because if it wasn't random (and I pray that it was) you need to be able to prove that some dickwad has been jacking with you and the only way to do that is to have the report on file.

Two: Create a bedtime checklist. Doors locked? Doggie in the apt? Keys where I need them to be if I have to make a quick escape? You are a young woman living alone on the big city. Nuf said.

Finally, I didn't think it was Christopher.But you have been through so much this year I can't imagine how you feel right now. But check this out: Chris may have been a total doof by not taking you seriously at first but he DID get up out of his bed to come check it out.

He may not have said 'it' but his actions are speaking louder than his words. ;-) I'm just sayin.

Be safe,

Lpeg said...

I agree with Tex. In case this happens again, and I hope it doesn't, you should get proof that it's happened more than once.

I'm glad of how Christopher reacted once he realized you were serious. That was really sweet.

Be safe, night time checklist, and call the police if it happens again.

I really hope it wasn't Scott.

Sultana said...

I do hope that it's not your ex. I think next time the police should definetly be called and I think Christopher is a wonderful man to come over and check on you. Be safe! x

Julie said...

you should definitely file a police report!

My first instinct upon reading this story was your ex. Call the psych ward and see if he's still admitted!

also...i hope your dog is okay!

Blue soup said...

I agree with the others, you need to report it to the police. Even if it doesn't happen to you again, even if it was just a random occurance, it may happen to others in the neighbourhood so the police need to be able to build up a picture of what's going on.

Hope you are ok xx

nuttycow said...

Oh how scary. I hope they haven't done it since and it was just a really random one off?

Lucky that Christopher was on the phone (although I don't know how pleased I would be if my fella called me at 4:30 in the morning!)

dont eat the token said...

Wow. At first I thought it was going to be a romantic gesture and Chris throwing PEBBLES. But large rocks and a shoe - that is freaky scary. I hope you reported it to police & the apartment complex.

It sounds like it could totally be drunk idiots, but you never know. Lock your doors for sure.

My car got tagged at my last apartment and when I reported it they told me others' cars had been tagged also. It sucked, but I felt better knowing it wasn't just me. Also my car got pissed on once. People can be A-holes.


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