~Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Little Less Conversation

When I first moved to the city in 2006, the apartment I rented was down the street from Christopher's. Having met him two weeks into working at my new job, he was all I knew of the city. I originally wanted to move uptown to the north part of the city, but Christopher and others insisted that Midtown was the trendiest place to live, so I followed suit.  

Driving home from dinner on Sunday, Christopher and I passed through our old neighborhood in Midtown. I looked at the abandoned city hall in disgust. "I don't miss this place at all," I spat.

"I don't miss [scary nickname] Kroger," he added. 

We pulled up to the light were S claimed he was mugged several times. Now I know that if he was really mugged, it was because he was trying to buy drugs. "Hey, it's Valentine's Day. Let's see if our prostitute is out tonight," I joked.

We both stared out the window, looking for her. She's been working this corner as long as I have lived in the city and she was even featured on an episode of Cops for giving a guy a blow job behind the Church's Chicken on this same corner. 

"There she is!" Christopher pointed.   

I sighed. "No, that's not her. Our girl is skinny. Crack skinny."

"But that girl is still a prostitute."

I looked at her hair, "No doubt."

"Well, is that her?" He asked, pointing to a dark figure dancing across the intersection.

"No, that's the crack addict with the deformed hand."

"Oh! The one with the cup?"

"Yeah, him."

The light changed and we headed back to our apartments located uptown, where I wanted to live all along. It feels good that my seedy past is left behind in the seedy part of town.  A visual representation for my emotional past. Like I can literally leave it where it is and all of that tangible and intangible nastiness can just mingle together.


AndyPrivate said...

Ugh, I've gone from terrible apartments. To living at home to save money. I would kill to get a lame apartment again.

Hopefully in a year I'll be in a house with a wife.

"Julie" said...

such a good feeling to leave the bad behind, but it makes you stronger and better for going through it!

Curvy Jones said...

Aw, Midtown. I, too, succumbed to the allure of living in the epiCenter of social life, or so it seemed. My neighborhood was near Ansley, or "The Gay Everything". Gay Kroger, Gay LA Fitness (I had never seen men take Step Classes before Gay LA Fitness), Gay Publix, Gay Texaco. Gay Coldstone? Lol.

I only really miss the gorgeous condo I had. Every time I drive through, some place I used to go to is closed, or torn down or in disrepair or, in general, looking abandoned. Sad, but I'm glad I didn't stay when I was tempted. I was trying to think of a mullet analogy(business in the front, party in the back) to describe living in the burbs but partying intown, but I'd still be sitting here at 7pm trying to make it happen. No go, but you know what I mean.

But LMAO that you have a 'prostitute'.

Dawn said...

The theme song from "The Jeffersons" keeps playing in my head now. :)

Gretta James said...

Yep I lived in a crappy little flat in a city in the UK, way too pricey for what it was but loved my independence. I'm now skint in this economic crisis and back with the folks. Doh... Would kill to go back to crappy over priced, tiny flat in shit area. Mother driving me potty!!!
Gretta xx

Sarah said...

I have never been to Gay Kroger or Kosher Kroger. Just my Murder Kroger and the occasional stop at Disco Kroger.

Ansley makes me laugh. I used to go to Gay Blockbuster just for kicks.

Curvy Jones said...

Gay Kroger was FUN. The day after I moved in, I was walking through there and my basket was empty. A clerk walked by, snapped his fingers and said 'Honey, your basket is empty! Fill it up!' I laughed and laughed. Awesome. I loved Gay Blockbuster.

I don't think I've ever been to Murder Kroger but I'm, in general, a scaredy-cat. If it really looks scary I can't go in. I don't know where Disco Kroger is??

Breeza said...

I'm with Andy and Gretta. Living alone, even in a crap area, is better than living at home!

Bathwater said...

Yeh you could have almost pointed to your old boyfriend and his new hoe walking across the street ;).

Curvy Jones said...

I am, seriously, downloading Elvis' "A Little Less Conversation" because I can't get this song out of my head and I came all the way back here to tell you that!

Paige Jennifer said...

Yeah, "turning" neighborhoods can be a rough go. Stepping stones, I suppose. But hey, isn't is a teensy bit cool literally driving through your past (and then driving right out of it)?!?!? Yay you!


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