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Full of dinner and wine and chocolates and all of the other Valentine's Day cliches that I love, Christopher and I watched another TLC documentary last night called Sextistics: Your Love Life. It was absolutely fascinating because it contained all the information that I've ever wanted to know about American love. Part of me wanted to geek out and write down all of the statistics as they appeared for discussion on my blog, but I withheld because Christopher was sitting next to me. I thought if the statistic was really important, I would remember it.

Without further ado, some cold, hard numbers about American love:

  • Men and women will fall in love on average seven times in their lifetimes. This is a surprisingly large number.
  • Being in love has the same brain chemical equivalent as being high on cocaine and heroin. Dopamine and all that jazz.
  • Women will kiss an average of 79 "frogs" before finding their mates. I find this number oddly comforting, probably because my number is somewhere in the 40s — 60s. I have a little padding room.
  • Women have sex with an average of nine men in their lifetimes. Oops.
  • Men have sex with an average of 12 women in their lifetimes.
  • 44% of people have had sex in a car.
  • 10% of people are virgins on the wedding night.
  • 25% of all couples do not consummate the wedding night, presumably to some giant number of glasses of champagne imbibed at weddings per year, something in the millions.
  • There are 4,100 engagements per year in the United States. I think this number seems a little low considering our population is 330 million according to the Olympic opening ceremony statistics.
  • The 51% divorce rate is true. However,
  • If you get married in your forties, the divorce rate is 7%.
  • Marriage in your thirties: 16%. I did all kinds of mental fist pumps to this number, because it's practically impossible for me to get married in my twenties at this point and I can totally work with 16%. Statistically, I will probably not get divorced!
  • And finally, marriage in your twenties: 77% divorce rate. Suckers.
  • Men have over 4,100 orgasms during their lives, while women only have roughly 1,400. I narrowed my eyes and looked at Christopher and said the huge difference in numbers is due to men not taking the time on women. Christopher didn't miss a beat and said it was due to men masturbating more.
  • Couples in their twenties have sex eight times a month.
  • Couples in their thirties have sex six times a month. However, if they have children, this number is reduced to four times per month.
  • Good news is couples in their forties have sex six times per month, so sex will increase as the children age.
  • People will kiss for two weeks of their lives. I scoffed and said I pretty much already nailed that number with this one guy from college.
  • People will orgasm for 150 hours in their lifetime. Total brain melt!

So there you have it, some pretty interesting numbers. I was below most of the statistics, so I have some life to live as long as I don't sleep with anyone else for the rest of my life. And then I'll still be above average on that one.

What do you think of the statistics? Too high? Too low? Spot on?


Curvy Jones said...

A. I'm mad that I was watching a SNAPPED! Marathon on Oxygen because I couldn't find anything good to watch and THIS was on. This is totally up my alley. Dammit. I am a documentary WHORE. Have you seen the one where they have sex in an MRI machine? I'm weird.

II. I am way. WAY behind on just about everything people supposedly experience in their lifetime. I'm singlehandedly bringing down the curve. Ya'll are welcome.

3. I'm kind of surprised at some of the numbers but not all of them. NOT surprised at the number of people that don't consummate on their wedding night. I basically don't care if I'm near death drunk, I will be getting it ON. Kind of surprised at the virgin on the wedding night number. I think 10% is a huge number, but is this worldwide? I guess if there are some cultures that put a high value on virginity, that could help that number out. Interesting.

I will have to see if it repeats. If I've seen "My Foot is Huge" 3 times, I'm sure this will repeat,as well.

Thanks for sharing and I'm elated that you had a wonderful Day of Love. :)

Sarah said...

No, this was just for the US, so weird on the virgin thing, right?

I guess I shouldn't tell you about Strange Sex which followed the program we watched. That one was about people spontaneously orgasming or being allergic to their partner's semen. (They spread his semen on her arm and she broke out in hives, weird!)

I haven't seen the MRI one, but I did see this one on HBO where people would sit on a stool and masturbate in front of a camera and it would record the change in people's faces while they orgasmed. That's something you don't forget.

I totes think that girl should amputate her leg on "My Foot is Huge."

Curvy Jones said...

I think I saw the constant orgasming woman ( or someone with the same condition)on another special about unusual disorders. I was watching for the newscaster that has Vitiligo. I stayed for the woman that couldn't stop orgasming.

I found the History of Sex to be completely boring, but Sex in Space totally rocked my socks off. I learned it is possible to break a penis in space. OMG! Most random bit of knowledge EVER! I'm dying to use it at a party.

Sarah said...

I haven't seen Sex in Space, but it is conjuring up all sorts of wild images in my head. Some of which involve Muppets.

I just went there.

Amber said...

That is very interesting!

My first thought; however, was "isn't the monthly statistics a little low?!?!" Lol

I'm above average on the kissing your "frogs" stat and the number of times you have sex a month. And below the average on the rest.

I can live with that.

Thanks for sharing! =) I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Blue soup said...

"Women have sex with an average of nine men in their lifetimes. Oops."

Oops here too. Still, it's been good fun, so I'm not going to feel bad about it :)

Miz A said...

So, blog stalker here finally coming out of hiding. Loved that show, although I as well paused at the average partner for women...Liars, I say! :) Love reading your adventures, keep up the good work.

Bathwater said...

The divorce statistics are very interesting. But I've already f'd that up so I'm good. If I'm going to fall in love 7 times that means there are 3 more out there-- that good to hope for.

AnotherSocialScientist said...

Woohoo for 16 percent! I've just turned 30.

brookem said...

wow, some of those are surprising!

you remembered all of those off the top of your head?!

Sultana said...

Well, I think I've fallen in love far more than seven times in my life and I'm not even 'there' yet.

dont eat the token said...

It all sounds about normal to me. I would say I am not surprised at all with the divorce rate for couples getting married in their 20's ---- I've seen a lot of them get married....

Miss Devylish said...

It's very very sad to know that I truly am a tart and it's not just a funny thing I say about myself. 79 frogs at least.. and nine men? If my life ended in my 20's maybe.. Being one of those girls who mixed up sex and love back then, it's ok. And I never had that many long-term relationships.. I'm a dater til something changes, like meeting the next non-frog. I'm always a last to do anything so learning from my mistakes is probably one of those things.. but real love I'm still under the stats so I'm hoping the 5th time will stick.. whenever it happens. xo

MamaBear said...

ooooo shiny documentary...

It's worth noting that the 20s # is heavily weighted on the before-25s. But I'm nitpicking.

9? Huh. Whatever.

10%? Have you seen the Religious Right? Granted, many of them aren't virgins (shhh), and they're certainly more than 10% of the population, but you figure, a sizable minority of them - especially the ones that marry young - would make it. (See also - 77%.) Mind you, that number should also include the ultra-religious Jewish and Muslim populations, who separate the genders from around puberty.

Also, it's nice to know we qualify as a couple in our thirties. With children. Looking forward to the next decade... :-D

Hope said...

I'm not American and I don't live in America but in the absence of other statistics I can compare myself to, I'm going to use yours. (Thanks in advance!)

The one that got me feeling like a prude was the 79 frog kisses. I am well, well, well below average for that one. Perhaps the reason I haven't found my partner yet is because I haven't kissed enough men yet?

Very interesting thought.


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