~Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Last night I was Uptown at a painting studio with Jenna. Before us was a picture of Venice that we were both trying to copy. This painting involved a little more drawing than painting for my taste.

I dipped my paint brush in yellow and twisted as I pulled it out to coat the bristles evenly.

"You remember when Harvey called us asexual a couple of weeks ago?" she asked, unprovoked.

"Mmm hmm." Damn that little arched window on the Venice building.

"Well, I wanted to say that I'm not asexual. She doesn't bring any guys around for us to look at!"

I laughed.

"I didn't think I should say that at the time."

"You should have!" I encouraged. "Harvey would have liked that."

"I would date, but I just don't think about it because I don't have the time. I don't even know where I could fit it in," she continued.

"Yeah, you are the busiest person I know." I moved on from the window and began working on the water. "We do need another guy in our group though."

"Why is that?"

I placed my brush down and faced her. "The numbers are uneven. We have you, me, Katie and Harvey," I counted on one hand for the girls. "And Harvey's husband, Swayze and Governemnt Mule," I counted on the other. "We need another guy."

We went back to our paintings.

"There are guys at my work, but they don't go out or do anything," she remarked.

Harvey, the de facto leader of our group, apparently lit a fire underneath Jenna by calling her asexual. All of a sudden, I'm a whole lot more excited by Fall. Fall always seems like a new beginning to me. Maybe its because that's when each new school year started, so Fall was always a time to buy new shoes and reinvent yourself into whomever you want to be.

Fall also seems to be the time people start getting together. Spring is for breakups, Summer is for flings, and Fall and Winter are for dating. Jenna and Mel are on eHarmony with me, so I feel like I have fellow teammates taking the field with me, because Fall is also for college football.


Anonymous said...

i must be the other busiest person you know. i have trouble fitting in dating and i use that as a reason why i must not like a person enough because if i do? dammit i fit them in. and then they crush me. sad times. miss your emails. XOXO

Anonymous said...

I think I will adopt your attitude about Fall being a good dating time. For me that's usually when my break ups happen (as you know, this was recently proven yet again). I used to think Spring was dating season. I'm taking a minor dating hiatus for now, but once I'm ready to get back on the horse, I'll be excited about Fall dating. Plus it's cool enough to snuggle. Oh, and fireplaces supply a sexy backdrop. And bear skin rugs! Just kidding on that last one :)

Peach said...

so with you on the Fall/Autumn back to school feeling of reinvention, of the new, the promise of the future... intoxicating xx

Bathwater said...

I feel like you are right fall and winter does seem more like the time for dating. It all sounds very painful.

Anonymous said...

I love this season too (autumn we call it) for several reasons. I was born the season after Winter - which means that when I was still in the womb it was this season that I was preparing to come out in the big ol' world. It was exciting (although I don't remember it) and so I always feel excited during Autumn.

I also like the season because everything natural is preparing for the next thing. The trees are shedding their leaves, the animals are preparing to hibernate, it gets darker and we start adjusting our clocks and making different arrangements. If you eat only seasonal food there is a big adjustment to be made about what you can actually get your hands on.

Its a time of preparation, self-reflection and yes, reinvention if you want it to be.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

God bless the boys of fall :p

Tex In The City said...

I love fall for all of the reasons you mentioned, that and the new fall season of some great tv! LOL

Looks like eHarmony is where all the cool kids are. I just joined a few weeks ago!

cornflakegirl74 said...

I couldn't agree more with your comment about fall being a time for new beginnings. I always make the school association and I still feel as though I prepare for changes. It's also the time of year I generally move, so there's a lot of meaning in this season for me.

Plus fall/winter are wonderful for snuggling up with someone :)

reni said...

and yea, fall is for college football!


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