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I've been complaining about PoF and on-line dating, so what I did do? I got more immersed and signed up at eHarmony. I did the exact opposite of what I said I was going to do.

Mel had signed up on the site again. She had found some website with a list of codes. After trying a few, she got seven months of service for roughly $8 a month. Well, I was willing to try the site for $8 a month.

She sent me the website and never having used eHarmony before, the best deal I could get was one month for $19.99. I did a little investigating on the site and learned that if I did not choose a free magazine subscription, I was eligible for a $10 mail-in rebate, thereby lowering my one-month subscription to $9.99. Once I was a member of eHarmony, I then qualified for a 6-month extension for $4.95 a month. All in all, I got 7 months of service for $39.69. That comes out to $5.67 a month.

(The website I used is here: http://eharmony-blog.com/470. It has codes for other countries as well. If you live in the U.S. and want to know what codes I used, just e-mail me. The $4.95 deal expires on 9/30. And I am no way affiliated with the code site or eHarmony; I just like saving money.)

After I handed over my credit card, I about died when I saw my confirmation page. My eHarmony subscription expires on my 30th birthday. I felt sick. Mel laughed and said it was perfect timing.

What I immediately liked about eHarmony over Plenty of Fish is that it weeded out all the people I'm not interested in, so it actually turned out to be less time consuming for me. For example, this time around I only want to date a college graduate. As Curvy says, someone who can meet me where I am. No more fixer-uppers. And with eHarmony it is a pre-requisite that the person has a working credit card, so that is immediately an advantage over the last two people I dated. Also, I kind of like the stigma that the site has: it's for people serious about dating.

Two days into it, I am pleased. The matches it has sent me are people I would actually date. I am also in the third stage of communicating with one guy and it seems like it might lead to a date.

Update: Jenna has joined again too!


prettylittletangents said...

"And with eHarmony it is a pre-requisite that the person has a working credit card, so that is immediately an advantage over the last two people I dated."

I just spit my tea onto my keyboard. You kill me!

American Bridget (Jones) said...

I am on eH as well. Been on it about 6 weeks now. Not one single response from a guy. I've been tagged to answer questions and never get emails or responses. Not sure if I am not doing something correct or not, but I can't figure it out either.

Good luck with it. I vowed to give up online dating subscriptions after my 3-mo membership is up. Wish I had known about all the savings you have b/c I think I spent about $119 on mine. Eeek.

Best of luck,

Sarah said...

PLT - I'm drinking tea right now too! Twins!

AB - I seriously spent a half hour on the phone will Mel trying to navigate the site. Did you know that if the guy requested for you to answer the multiple choice questions, it's your job to initiate your questions and then initiate again your Must Haves? I thought it was weird that you have to do so much when you have been tagged first.

breezyallatsea said...

I tried it twice and didn't like it. I was matched with some weirdos. Maybe that makes me weird?
Anyways, good luck! I do know people who got married off of it.

dont eat the token said...

much luck! :)

Bathwater said...

I hope it works for you Sarah, just the words, "serious about dating" make me sure it is not for me.

Amanda said...

I tried EH a few months ago. Unfortunately, my heart wasn't really in it as I was kind of dating someone (albeit, a horrible choice of someone to date). I wish I was mentally able to give it a shot, because there was one guy who I could have had a date with but whom I didn't give a fair shot (because I was still hooked on bad boy). Maybe I'll give it another chance in a year or so. I just need to get my head in the right place to do so.
It seems like you're in the right mindset. I wish you luck!

Lpeg said...

Good luck! I look forward to reading about your dates, and I hope this works so that you find someone you are compatible with!

I've tried eHarmony, but with the lack of men, in general, in my area, it did not produce much.


Krissie said...

I met my husband on eHarmony! We got married in August. I will say, I was on and off the site for 3 years, and had a few relationships with matches before I found the one I'd marry. It's at the very least a good way to meet quality people.

bonda84 said...

Glad you are having good luck with it. I'm not crazy about it, but I also live in a part of the country where there aren't many guys in my area that are on there. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Paige Jennifer said...

I just signed up this past weekend! You know, while neither worked out in the end, a few years ago I met two great potentials through EH. And like you said, it does some weeding out for you. Plus, I have this theory that any man committed enough to answer a 100-question personality profile is truly interested in making an effort on the dating front. You've dated guys who are poh; I've dated guys who are lazy.

Go get 'em, girl!

PS: Thirty rocked and your credit card comment had me giggling.

eHarmony_jack said...

Hi Sarah, Though not exactly accurate, your credit card statement was funny! (Some members do receive gift subscriptions :D) We do save our members a lot of time by ensuring that they will only receive matches who are compatible with them in key relationship areas. It's great to hear that you like the matches you've received and are already off to a good start!

Just wanted to let you know that we are hear to support your success every step of the way! Our Customer Care team is available to provide assistance 24/7 from our FAQ page: http://help-singles.eharmony.com. You may also benefit from suggestions and feedback from fellow and former eHarmony members within our Facebook community, http://www.facebook.com/eharmony, and our Advice, site www.advice.eharmony.com.

Lastly, I'd like to invite you to follw me on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/eharmony_jack. I'm always glad to provide assistance and support.

I wish you (and Katie's Sister) all the best with your search. Jack

gekkogirl said...

Well its great that its giving you options that you'd consider... especially if they have working credit cards ;-)


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