~Thursday, December 16, 2010


I am toast.

I like Valdosta. I like Valdosta a lot. He always says and does the perfect things at the perfect time.

Text message received 5:28 p.m.:

I am getting sick :-(

Outgoing call placed 5:39 p.m.

"Hey, baby," Valdosta answered.

"Hey, sicky. You not feeling well?"

"I have a head cold. I've been fighting it all day."

"Do you want me to--"

"Yes, I still want you to come over."

"I was just sick a couple of weeks ago," I said, thinking I may have given him the cold.

"Good. Your immune system is probably built up because of that." I could hear him grinning. No fault placed on me.

"And I have been drinking green tea all afternoon, so I am feeling extra antioxidant-y," I added.

He laughed.

"Okay, well I'm still at work and will be leaving in a half hour to 45 minutes. Then I have to let the dog out."

"That's okay. Take your time. Go home. Freshen up. I'll see you whenever you're ready."

WTF? WHO SAYS THIS? Fictional characters created by women, that's who. Not men who hit you up on a free Internet dating website.

I had Val over to my place earlier in the week. I made him watch my newest favorite movie, (500) Days of Summer.

"Is this a chick flick?" he asked warily.

"No. It tells you at the very beginning that it is not a love story."

I knew he would like it. People who have had broken hearts like this movie. I love it.

Summer: We've been like Sid and Nancy for months now.
Tom: Summer, Sid stabbed Nancy seven times with a kitchen knife. I mean we have some disagreements but I hardly think I'm Sid Vicious.
Summer: No I'm Sid.
Tom: Oh, so I'm Nancy...
[Pancakes arrive]
Summer: Let's just eat and we'll talk about it later. Mmm, that is good, I'm really glad we did this. I love these pancakes... what?
[Tom gets up and walks away from the table]
Summer: Tom, don't go! You're still my best friend!

Valdosta cringed at the best friend line. I looked at him quizzically, "Aren't we friends?"

He put his arm around me and said abruptly, "No, we are not friends." I knew what he meant.

"Oh that's right. You won't let me get away with that," I said, referring to his first e-mail to me: Friends first never works.

During the movie, the Tom has a monologue where he talks about wanting to break down Summer's emotional wall. I squirmed a little. That was a chick flick moment.

"Okay. That's a girlie thing to say. 'I want to someone to tear down the wall that previous boys have built,'" I mimicked.

Valdosta then squirmed. He opened and closed his mouth like he had something to say. Then he leaned his head towards me, "Guys want that too," he eventually spoke.

I waved my hand. "No way. Everyone knows boys don't have feelings," I joked.

Valdosta stiffened. All of a sudden I was Memphis. I had made an inappropriate joke at an inappropriate time. He had given me an in and I threw it away.

The movie had ended. "That was good," he said. "But it's still a chick flick."

We both hemmed and hawed. It was getting late and he was starting a new position at his company in the morning. Neither of us moved.

"Could you set your alarm?" he asked.

He climbed in my bed and groaned. "These are the most comfortable sheets ever."

"Thanks. They're bamboo." I climbed in my side and before my head even hit the pillow, he slipped an arm under my neck. That's what Valdosta does. Everything he does is exactly the way I like it. There is no learning curve with him; the way he kisses me, talks to me and touches me, it's like he's known me for years. Like this isn't our first sleepover.

Normally I gain some sense of night vision in my bedroom, but it was pitch black that night. To kiss him, I had to reach my hand up to find his furry face. It was hot.

So as you can see, with this guy I am toast. I can't remember the last time I met someone and immediately liked him with without reservations or talking myself into it. Without first and foremost tallying a list of all of his faults before I even considered his good points. The last time I just went with it.

I am toast.

I am also sleeping in sex sheets.


creativintage said...

omg i so understand you right now. i feel like you and i are tit for tat.

i think i'm coming the 28th. that'll give us 5 days to meet up. i want the boys to meet. XOXO

La Femme said...

500 Days of Summer is an awesome movie, I loved everything about it! Good choice!

Stay toasted girl :-)

Dream in Grey said...


Kim said...

Love it, love it, love it!!! I'm the anonymous girl that thanked you for helping me break up with my boyfriend a year ago after realizing he was a "Scott." I'm madly in love with someone that treats me like a queen now. Thanks so much again. Really.

Sarah said...

No, thank you :)

B. Good said...


Prettylittletangents said...

If being toast gets me into sex sheets, call me bread and stick me in the oven! Seriously though, you sound happy - enjoy this! You deserve it!

You're kinda making me think about online dating again... Hmmm.

Syd said...

Love it.

Don't stress about the feelings now, just enjoy!

soupemes said...

This is how I feel about The Designer (despite my moaning when he's a cock).

But he and I seem to be a natural fit. We click. He's sensitive and clever.

I hope Valdosta lives longtime on this blog. I also hope he doesn't have the cocky behaviours that I am gradually beating out of TD


bonda84 said...

Tis the season for love and miracles :) And being toast is just fine...you melt people's butter that way and from the sounds of it you melted his butter just fine ;) I'm so glad you've found someone you like....let's see where the story takes us from here.

Lpeg said...

Sigh. I want to feel this way. He sounds lovely :)

nicole said...

i keep forgetting i'm not on facebook and i'm looking for the like button. LOL. i wish i could "like" this a thousand times!!

nuttycow said...

Hoorah for sex sheets (although possibly a little too much info for my hungover brain this morning!)


Bathwater said...

Now THAT is how it is supposed to be! Hooray for you!

however happy said...

!!! so happy for you. i hope he gives you this feeling for a long time!

Dawn said...

Oh, this is good. This is very, very good! :)

wanderingmenace said...

You might be toast.....
But at least you're good and buttered.

theblogofshame said...

I'm all kinds of crazy jealous of you because of this post. :)

Cataclismical said...

I have my Prince after time in hell - it's lovely, it's early days, but he makes me smile like no-one ever did! Well done you! x


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