~Thursday, April 21, 2011

All that glitters is not gold

Saturday was game day. I had my own plans with Schmoozer to go to a festival in the morning, but I was going to make the game. Statham had told me that he wasn't sure which weekend festival he was attending, but he wouldn't be at the game. So I was surprised when I was lazily standing by home plate and heard cries of Statham's name across the field as he caught a pop fly in his own game. He team cheered and rallied around him.

It had been a week since our initial hookup, and this was the first time we were in public together. The Girl from the Irish Pub who had been so hard on me during the week said nothing to me about Statham during the game. Instead we talked about our remaining weekend plans. First Baseman was out of town, and I recognized Clemson's stocky run as he crossed the bases over in Statham's game.

I headed over to the team bar afterwards with the rest of my team. I squinted when the door swung open. I couldn't tell who was entering; all I could see was the bob of his baseball cap. Then Statham appeared at my table.

"Hey! How was y'all's game?"

"Abysmal," I frowned. "We gave up."

He took a seat at the booth. When he found out we had all ordered food, he put in an order as well. Clemson and the rest of Statham's team were drinking outside.

My plan was to deny, deny, deny and pretend that we still don't know each other outside of the league.

"How was your race this morning?" he asked me.

"It was a sloppy race. It was 2,000 people running in a 4-foot wide street. The first two miles were fine, but the last 1.1 miles were a solid incline. However, I did improve my pace by 2 minutes a mile."

"That's great!" he cheered.

Okay, so maybe people would think that I told him that I was running a 5k last week.

He looked at the rest of the table and gestured to me, "We went out on Thursday and she took me to the greatest restaurant. I've been telling everyone about it."


He continued, "Yeah, I didn't get home until 2 a.m. and I had to get up at 5. I was beat. How were you Friday morning, Sarah?"

I shriveled up on the inside. The boy is peeing on me. That's what he's doing. The damned fool is marking territory. Because you know who is sitting next to me? The leader of the entire sports league. The main man who has slept with everyone. This is the guy that keeps a running tally of who has slept with whom. When my girlfriend denied who she has gone home with from the league, it was the leader who pulled me aside and told me. This has just become part of my permanent record.

Now, why was Statham giving me the golden-shower treatment?
Was it because he liked me? Or was he getting back at his ex in some effed-up manner?

Everyone began talking about Easter plans. I announced I wouldn't be in town.

"That's right. You're going to the Nooga for your 30th birthday," explained Statham.

"Really? That surprises me. I would not have thought that about you," said a girl at the table.

I could have said, That's what Statham said! But I didn't. I was still trying to play it cool. "You're the second person who's said that to me this week!"

Statham met my gaze and said nothing.

After he was done eating, Statham did his usual thing. He parked his pitcher of beer by me and flitted off to the other tables to say hello. Periodically he'd return and join the conversation while pouring himself another pint. No one said a word to me about our date and I was grateful. I

I left with my team and we worked our way out by stopping at each team's table. Clemson's face lit up when he saw me; I don't think he knows. We chatted for a brief minute. Then I walked with my team to my car.

As I was fiddling with my Shuffle, I saw Statham appear in my rear view mirror. I rolled my window down.

"I'm going to go home and nap before tonight," he said.

"Yeah, me too. I'm exhausted."

"I've got plans to meet some guy friends of mine," he offered.

"That sounds like fun."

He winked at me. "You behave yourself tonight, okay?"

"Yeah, you too."

I drove away. Down the road I was stopped at a light and I saw Statham's car come up on my left. He honked as he passed me.

Nope. Still can't figure him out.


Syd said...

huh..now I'm thinking he's more on the jerk side. I could be misinterpreting tone here, but I dunno, he came off pretty smug in this entry.

freckledk said...

Oh, honey! Don't even try to figure it/him out - it's too early to tell, and not worthy of occupying your thoughts. Just keep on keepin on. At this point, it can go either way.

Here's hoping it goes your way, whichever way that may be...

Bathwater said...

Your tone did change in this post. I've never seen someone write "He was peeing on me", as such an appropriate metaphor before.

We are still several days behind the story so I'm wondering if something else has happened that has changed your opinion that we haven't heard yet.

Anonymous said...

This does bear the question WTF? But I agree with feckledk, it's too soon to try to figure him out. Just let it ride and I'm sure some light will be shed on it soon.

Anonymous said...

All that's gold is not glitter. Like a golden shower. Sounds like a player who doesn't know how to be a player. Like the fact that you're not all over him, but also try not to be grateful for his attention...but what do I know

j said...

Yup, I would be confused by this behaviour. But like freckledk said just keep on keepin on. Looking forward to the next installment.

Anonymous said...

holy crap.

blog faster.

need all the deets!!!!!!

"pee on me" is not something one would say about a potential mate. so. what are we missing???

AmericanBridget (Jones) said...

I'm wondering if we share a birthday???? You turn 30 this weekend? If so, HAPPY 30th!!!

Angela said...

I thought he was peeing on you, when you posted about the Sunday afternoon at his place. You had three guys, including him, after you, and he knew it.

Me said...

What a dick.
That's the first thing that comes to my mind.

Talk about discretion. for real. Next time he will tell the table you fucked like in 9 1/2 weeks?

Not cool in my humble opinion...and he's trying to show off to the main guy who slept with everyone...low self esteem or so? Who knows.


Hope I am wrong of course, since I wouldn't call my own track record with dating exactly stellar, but geez....for real. Show interest or get out of the kitchen.

Maura said...

Huh...I initially wondered if he was putting it on the table as a way to say to people, "Yeah, we went on a date, get over it." Based on your description, the gossip mill tends to be hard at work with this group, so perhaps he was just going balls out by acknowledging something people were already probably talking about.

But what do I know.

DES said...

Inappropriate pissing for territory is not cool so early in whatever it is that's going on.

And apparently discretion isn't his thing. He needs a time out.

Dream in Grey said...


Jai said...

hes trying to show out...and gain "guy points"...its soo confusing...i dont think you really like him ur just like a lot of us...sex and finding mr right usually ends in being another knotch in some jerks belt.....

Tiffany said...

My best friend and I are constantly talking about people pissing with regard to the guy/girl who they are seeing. Love that someone else uses the same analogy! :)


Je m'appelle Danielle said...

Dude is your zip code 90210, cause this shit is getting dramatic! Feel free to ask the boys if thats there zip code as well, I do it, and think its hilarious.

I think you should play the game with this guy. Be unavailable, be aloof. See what happens.

D said...

You gotta admit though- the guessing is kinda fun right? Keeps us girls on our toes! I say just have fun and keep making sure you're the center of your own universe and no one else!

suicide_blond said...

ugh. like granny always said...
"discretion is the better part of valor" ;-)

Anonymous said...

I liked your peeing/marking territory humor...

dude sounds confusing.


Anonymous said...

oh and what's the Nooga? I am impressed by your bday goals list!


jo said...

i don't get it either. but whatever i'm getting isn't a good feeling...

Anonymous said...

I think I get this. S wants to keep it cool in this new group, although things moved fast. I understand this. He was marking his territory (S). He wanted to make it clear S belongs to him. Such a man thing.

Charlotte said...

I kind of agree with D--the guessing is what keeps things exciting. That being said, the marking of territory, on the other hand, is sooo childish, that I wouldn't blame you for not wanting any more contact with this guy. To say it to one or two people quietly is one thing. But to broadcast your business without your prior approval? Seems kind of desperate to me and as if he has something to prove.


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