~Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Girl's Night

When First Baseman arrived on the patio of the Mexican restaurant, he stopped short. Seated before him were 8 ladies in summer dresses sipping on margaritas and not a single dude to be found. He grabbed a chair from a nearby empty table and sat himself at the head of the table, adjacent to me.

Within 5 minutes, Statham arrived. He walked coolly past the table and took a seat at the other end. Then the rest of the boys began staggering in. Clemson joined Statham at the far end of the table and a couple of other guys grabbed another table altogether and added it the lineup of ours. I was surprised with how quickly everyone cleaned up. It was only an hour earlier that we left the team bar in our sweaty kickball clothes and muddy shoes. And now everyone, myself included, was showered and dressed up.

After a few minutes of chatting, I leaned my chair back. "Hey, Statham!" I called over the backs of the three girls separating us. "Any word?" It was bad code for Any word from your now ex-girlfriend?

"Yeah," he shouted back. "We talked and break up is still on. By the way, she's sitting across from you."

Oh god, I wanted to die in that moment. So did the ex-girlfriend as she got up from the table and went home. I had seen her before; I just didn't recognize her and know that's who she was.

After that, I focused my attention to First Baseman and two other couples in front of us. We split a pitcher of margaritas and had great conversation. I barely even touched my food. The night was good; I felt like I belonged.

"Hey, let's keep the group together tonight. Let's just head over to the regular bar instead of the drag show," I offered.

The girl across from me whispered, "Do you think that would be okay? I don't want to go anymore either."

Four of the eight girls headed to the show; the rest of us caravaned over to the bar. It was a typical night, nothing special: we sat outside on the patio and talked as pitchers of beer appeared in front of us. The band inside began playing a song that I always dance to, and I coaxed another girl's date to dance with me; it seemed more harmless than to pick any of the boys. When the song was over, we turned around and saw the girl and Statham watching us.

First Baseman was the first to leave with promises to call me on Sunday for shooting lessons. Then other people began to leave at the same pace that they had trickled in at the Mexican restaurant. Then it was 2 a.m. Everyone was gone except for Clemson and Statham, who were sitting on either side of me.

"It's a long drive for you. You shouldn't go home tonight," said Clemson.

"I have an extra bedroom, you can stay with me tonight," offered Statham.

"You take my bed and I'll sleep on my couch," offered Clemson.

That was the moment the light went off in my head. Both of these boys, these friends, these teammates are trying to take me home with them.


Thisisme said...

oh this is killing me!

freckledk said...

I'm dying over here, but oh! What a delicious way in which to go.

That said, you best have something for us tomorrow.

Bathwater said...

That was the moment? That was the moment?

LLandL said...

I secretly thought it might be First Baseman!

Je m'appelle Danielle said...

Hmmm there's only one conclusion for this scenario: threesome. Ok that's just my floozy dreaming.

j said...

Hahaha I had the same thought as Danielle. Dirty minds think alike. I am still looking forward to the ending.

Sarah said...

Dammit! Now you tell me! ;)

Anonymous said...

Why the 4 girls who went on to the drag show may not invite you to the next girls night out:

1. You invited boys, who invited other boys along

2. You split the group up by suggesting they change their plans at the last minute

3. You danced with the date of one of the girls who decided to stay on with you. No matter how you dice it, slice it or splice it, that's a no no. She did not see it as a 'harmless' dance. Perhaps that's why your own group of old friends who are coupled off sometimes exclude you from couply meetups...they're probably thinking "She does not respect dating boundaries" or "keep your hands off my man"

4. You stayed behind with two guys who had been vying for your attention all night, enough to make all the other ladies jealous, especially when you did not even notice what was going in in terms of the guys fighting over you.

But keep at it. We love hearing all about it.

Me said...

I just wish people would have some balls or intelligence to at least pick some fake name for the anonymous, judgmental comments.


You do what you do. Stay who you are. It's all good!

La Femme said...

Hey Anon,

You seem like the most un-fun girl on the planet. Later for your girl's nights.

Scrumps said...

I have started reading your blog in September last year. And since then I have read every single one of your posts (I made a point to start from day one!).

You write so well! I can't wait to read how this pans out! ;)

theperpetualspiral said...

Oh god, I wanted to die in that moment.

There is nothing worse than a foot in mouth moment like that, nothing worse!

nuttycow said...

Anonymous seems like a cheery soul! Who cares if you danced with some other guy - unless you were snogging his face off/cupping his arse/dry humping him (which, I presume, you weren't) what girl would take it as anything more than a dance.

So... which one...?

Charlotte said...

OMG, girl. GO YOU!!!!! Uhhhhh, never a bad spot to be in ;)

Also, LMAO @ Je m'appelle Danielle!!

treacle said...

look at you Miss Man Magnet :)


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