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300 Kisses

"So what are your New Year's plans?" I asked Abraham.

"I've got a party," he explained. "You?"

"Me too. I have a party, but it's about two miles from your house. Want to meet up after?"

"Maybe, but it's unlikely. If I drink at all, I'm spending the night. I'm not risking anything with all the cops being out."

"But you're my New Year's kiss," I pouted.

"New Year's is overrated."

"It is." I sat for a minute. Then I picked up his iPhone and spoke to Siri. "Set a reminder, please."

"I can do that," Siri spoke. "What would you like to be reminded about?"

"Kiss Sarah."

Abraham snorted.

"When would you like this reminder?" asked Siri.

"January 1st at 12:00 a.m."

"Your reminder has been set," said Siri.

Abraham grabbed his phone from my hand. "Siri, set a reminder."

"I can do that. What would you like to be reminded about?"

"Tell Sarah she's right."

"When would you like this reminder?"

"All the time."

"I'm sorry. I don't understand, 'All the time.'"

We laughed. He set his phone back down and settled into his couch.

Abraham kissed me. "There's your New Year's kiss."

I frowned. "That was a stinky kiss. A New Year's kiss is better."

He kissed me again. "That one's your New Year's kiss."

I shook my head, "Nope."

He kissed again. "That one?"

"No. If you aren't going to kiss me on New Year's, then I want 300 kisses."

He immediately began kissing me and counting. "You're forgetting I count for a living," he explained.

We had forgotten about the Baylor football game playing in the background. At around 100 kisses, I realized how lucky I was that I had someone to kiss 100 times. The 100 kisses flew by quicker than I thought they would. I wondered how many nights we shared 100 kisses; this couldn't be the first.

Abraham kissed me all the way to 300. Three hundred kisses. Every kind of kiss imaginable. Chicken pecks. Open-mouthed kisses. Kisses with tongue. A kiss for every day I was single in the previous year. A kiss for every tear I shed. For every moment I sighed and felt lonely. Three hundred kisses. New Year's be damned—I got 300 kisses.

Abraham rolled over the next morning. "My lips are raw. They feel used."

"Not used," I corrected. "Loved."


cd0103 said...


Angela said...

I think I'm officially envious now, but in a nice, non-begrudging way. :)

crazytownusa said...

That is officially better than any ole NY kiss!

Anonymous said...

I'm confused as to why you can't attend your parties together?

Anonymous said...

That was cute, but I'm also confused as to why you guys didn't go to your parties together? There's a lot of sweet stuff happening between you two, but it still seems like a secret relationship.

Emma said...


Annie said...

The kisses sound so sweet, but I must admit, I am also confused about the weirdness around the NYE topic.

Je m'appelle Danielle said...

Swoon. I'm jelly! Totally better than my gay boy kisses.

WingWoman said...

so happy to read that you've found someone who makes you warm and fuzzy inside. You deserve all the love in the world, Sarah.

I'll pipe in with the others though, that it's odd that you're not attending things together outside the bedroom. Before you get all "loved" on this one, why don't you ask yourself and him the hard question of why you're not seeing each other publicly? If it's just a FWB-relationship, that's one thing, but I'd hate to read about you getting hurt again over expectations and feelings you have but that he will never experience.

Anonymous said...

He sounds so sweet in many ways, but being in a real relationship means you get the awesome anxiety-less privilege of a NYE kiss at the same place. It's one of the comforts that comes from being in a committed relationship. He is being a bit vague. He may be many wonderful things, but I would take this and not clearly defining the relationship as a sign. I hate to say this, but I think the religion thing is a bigger deal than it may seem now. I am Jewish and religious differences ended my past 2 relationships which were mostly awesome because of family pressure and overall involvement from both sides (theres and mine) when it came to talking about the future. I don't want to sound harsh and believe in being a love optimistic, but you deserve someone who will smooch you openly and proudly on NYE.

Theresa said...

I really like so much about Abraham, but I don't understand why he didn't invite you to go to the party with him. I know that you are in a tough spot because if you start pushing to be included in his life more he may push you away. Ugghhh..... Protect your heart!!

crazytownusa said...

I think the older you get the more the important things stand out - the person, their values, their ethics, what's at their core. If Sarah and Abe share those things, it's entirely possible that when they re-visit the religion issue it might not be as daunting as it once was. Although, the sooner the better. I'm on Team DS!! xo

crazytownusa said...

I think the older you get the more the important things stand out - the person, their values, their ethics, what's at their core. If Sarah and Abe share those things, it's entirely possible that when they re-visit the religion issue it might not be as daunting as it once was. Although, the sooner the better. I'm on Team DS!! xo

Northern lass said...


Thanks Sarah this blog post warmed my heart more than any of the festival romcoms this season (well except Love Actually...)

You capture the warm fuzzy early days so well - and I get that you want to spend your NYEs with your friends - plenty of time for the together ones xx

Just Me said...

Very sweet! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

As much as I hate to, I have to agree with the others. Reading that, I didn't get a good feeling at all. Not needing a label is one thing, the secrecy like behavior is another. After all this time, it seems odd that you didn't split time at the parties with a simple "This is Sarah/Abraham" introduction to side-step the label issue. It does feel like he's hiding you and what you have going, and I would hate to see you hurt again when you deserve a man that can't wait to show you off to his friends.

Scrumps said...

I love the fact that you got 300 kisses so easily! :)

Happy New Year to you Sarah. And I hope this year holds great things for you! :)

creativintage said...

i. love. it.

and fyi 2 years ago i spent new year's eve with some friends and one of them was apart from her boyfriend of 4 months. because they wanted to spend nye with THEIR friends. they've now been together for 2 years and 4 months. so there.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was concerning that they didn't spend NYE together, so much as it was concerning that Sarah was clearly hinting that she wanted to be together at midnight and Abraham did not invite her to the party that he was attending. Maybe part of the conversation has been left out, but it seems like neither Sarah nor Abraham invited each other to spend NYE together, which seems odd for people who spend quite a bit of time together and are in some kind of relationship.

I hope that these blog entries aren't you trying to be too hopeful about the hidden meanings behind things or what he says to you in private. Anything nice that he's said seems to have been coaxed out of him by you.

Miss Chevious said...

This post makes me swoon . Congratulations!

preciousandpriceless said...

this sounds absolutely lovely. and perfect for the moment. live in the moments. did that reminder on Abraham's phone go off at midnight? did you end up kissing at midnight after all?

my guy [the same guy as before...i know...roll eyes here] and I didn't end up together for NYE. We were supposed to, but we both wanted to do different things and see different people. It just turned out that way. And i wasn't that upset. Why? because NYE is overrated and if we had been together one of us wouldn't have been as happy that night as we actually ended up being. Sure it would have been fantastic if he and I were together, but not at the other persons happiness.

i find it interesting how everyone has an opinion of what is going on between the two of you based on the limited information you have given. our world is interesting.

The Singleship said...

You scheduled this to be posted right as the New Year started! I like it.

Miss Devylish said...

Ok.. such a perfect post I almost welled up. But PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF PETE explain how this man adores you enough to provide this many kisses and is sweet as punch and you're not at the stage you're at the same nye party together.. DYING over here.

Bathwater said...

This is cute.


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