~Monday, March 05, 2012

How I Met You

When a relationship starts, I think the most common question received is "How did you two meet?" I know I've asked it of other couples, mainly to add their method to my bag of tricks.

When I'm asked "How did you two meet?" I usually smile and say, "Kickball." Then I'll pause for a beat and begrudgingly add, "Finally." Other people seemed to meet others faster than it took me. I met Abraham in my fourth season and didn't get together with him until the following one.


The other day I looked at Abraham. "How do you tell people that we met?" I asked him.

"I say that I was running to home plate and crashed into you."

"Aww." It was so much more romantic than simply saying "Kickball." He turned it into a cute story.

"We need to turn it into a pun," I told him. "What can we do with that?" I bit my lip and thought. "I know. You made me fall for you!"


A couple of days later Abraham and I both had dinner plans, but agreed to meet up afterward. I called him when I was heading to his house.

"Where did y'all go?" I asked.

"The roommate and I went to [kickball bar], but it was lame so we left." Abraham hiccuped and had a slight slur to him.

"Aww! You can't say that bar is lame! That's where we met!" The first time we spoke was at that bar; we’ve spent a lot of time together at that bar.

Abraham hiccuped. "No. We met on the kickball field." He hiccuped again. "Where I nailed you."

"Oooh that's a much better pun."


bluemoon said...

LOL, clever man! :)

Je m'appelle Danielle said...

"Where I slid into your home base"

Okay, I'm officially a pervert.

I work with all guys, I gotta be on my toes.

Anonymous said...

Such a smart man!


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