~Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let her rip

He holds me in my sleep.

Abraham wakes up about 10 minutes before me. He doesn’t stir. Instead he lies still as if he were sleeping and holds me.

This should be the start of some lovey-dovey story, but it’s not. Abraham holding me while I sleep isn’t the only thing I’ve learned. Apparently I also fart in my sleep.

I don’t know what’s going on with me. Maybe it was us going out to eat the night before and chowing on greasy food. Maybe I’m a chronic sleep farter. I don’t know. But I did it again.

I farted and as I was waking up, I heard Abraham gasp exaggeratedly. He was already awake. I stirred and once again felt him pressed against me. He knew this wasn’t the first time, because I had told him so.

“You!” he exclaimed. He still didn’t move.

“Baby, I’m sorry! I was asleep!” I murmured, still sleepy. I turned around and snuggled in his chest. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

“I am going to get you back for this,” he pretend growled.

So I can think of one advantage to sleeping alone.


SaraJk said...

I think you are just that comfortable with him...it's a good thing!

Anonymous said...

I once received this gem of dating advice: "If you can't fart in front of him you shouldn't be sleeping with him." Except she used stronger language, but you get the point. I think it just shows comfort.

heisschic said...

i've been there.

fortunately (or unfortunately?) so has my bf. the other night, he passed out first while i struggled to fall asleep. every time (every single time) i'd get close to dosing off, i'd hear a short burst of noise from his rear that startled me back awake.

after a couple hours of this, i slept on the couch. he was mortified when he found me in the morning. i'm still waiting on permission to share this story with "our public."

Sarah said...

You just made me feel *so* much better.

Elena said...

EVERYONE farts in their sleep--that's how the body works. Abraham farts in his sleep. Abraham farts awake.

Little facts of life.

Lilly said...

This is so funny and reminds me of being with someone new after having been with my husband for ten years. I woke up and realized he had been awake for a while, working at the desk in the same room, and my first thought was, "Oh. my. God...did I fart in my sleep?" I probably did...

Charlotte said...

OMG!!! I love this so very much. And I'm totally experiencing the same thing in my own relationship. To be honest, I kind of just want to get it over and out of the way with. Everybody farts and there's no reason to pretend that he doesn't or that you don't. But it is kind of the fun of new relationships, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

"Let her rip" Sarah, you are truly hilarious. I absolutely love your blog, and also you and honest Abe. He sounds dreamy!

Suzie Q said...

Everyone does it!


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