~Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Like a Glove

The days since the great unveiling of feelings have been easy. We're not saying those little three words frequently—it still feels a bit scary and overwhelming—but love is all around us.

Abraham: "Can you get me a refill while you're up, my love?"

Me: (After being teased) I think you've gotten too comfortable.
Abraham: That's what love does to me. Love makes me lazy and comfortable.

Me: (Kidding) You are expensive, boyfriend.
Abraham: My love is cheap.
Me: And easy. Heyo!
Abraham: Truth.

I guess we're trying love on for size. It's fitting.


MissM said...

Ahahahaha. Abe is hilarious. I LOVE him.

LLandL said...

!!! I love this !!! It sounds like he's got a great personality. So happy for you.

Lpeg said...

Le Chef says I'm easy all the time! (In a very similar scenario).

Mummy Dearest said...

You guys make me love love!!

B.o.b said...

hopefully room enough to grow all the best to you both

D said...

I love the banter between you two!!

JUST ME said...

As long as no one calls anyone "lover," I'm all good with that word.

"Lover" makes me want to vomit several times in a row.




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