~Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day, according to Facebook

Schmoozer's BF took a girl to dinner that he had been seeing for a month. She got him a card, a couple bottles of wine, two wine glasses and a wine aerator. He got her nothing.

Mel's boyfriend sent her a beautiful bouquet of flowers to work. They did not see each other, but they scheduled a date for the next day.

Jenna and Government Mule posted hearts to each other's timelines. No usual check in for a date.

Harvey and her husband totally stole Abe's and my date last year and went to Waffle House. Date thieves!

Katie cooked a meal of heart-shaped ravioli and chocolate-covered strawberries. People kept commenting that her boyfriend should propose. He did not respond.

Abraham gave me a single red rose at midnight, the same as he did for our anniversary. He then gave me a pound of Reese's peanut butter cups. I gave him a smaller gift, a giant bacon magnet for his refrigerator.

The next morning I walked to my car to go to work. Sitting on the driver's seat were the remaining 11 roses of the bouquet and a card. The message was simple, which is very Abraham. The card also stated that he would take me to the spa when we go skiing on vacation. When he got home, Abraham received his beard wash and another funny t-shirt.

That night we met up with his roommate and her boyfriend. The four of us grilled steaks and made s'mores by the backyard fire. I didn't mind sharing my date with other people that I loved. All in all, it was a perfect night.


MissM said...

How quaint! LOL.

Dawn said...

I love the one rose at midnight and that the other 11 were on the seat of your car. Very romantic and sweet and, and, and... perfect.

adesertgirl said...

Sweet! Your Valentine's Day is the winner in my book.

crazytownusa said...

I love love.

Readyandfading said...

What a great Vday!

katielookingforward.com said...

That sounds wonderful!!

nuttycow said...

What a great day that sounds :)

I was in work until 9pm. I then went home, had a bath, and went to bed. Woo me!


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