~Friday, January 06, 2006

Why I'm not going out with CB again, or Why Jenni is right:

  • The second time he called me, he gave me a quiz he wrote to see how compatible I was for him. My first thought was, "It's not your decision if we go out, it's mine. Stop being so damn cocky that you think it's okay to quiz girls. And who writes a test for future dates anyways?"
  • The test had a sex portion. He asked me how many guys I had been with, my favorite position, what turns me on, etc, to all of which I answered, "I'm not telling you that." He said my southern character was coming to the front by not wanting to answer those questions. What girl answers those questions to a perfect stranger? I have exboyfriends that don't even know the answers to them.
  • He could lose 30 pounds.
  • At the end of our first date when he kissed me in front of my truck, he grabbed my ass. That happens a lot for me, but it made me uncomfortable. One time I had one guy slap my ass on our second date and I turned around and punched him in the gut- I didn't even realize I did it until afterwards. I guess it's an instinct to keep strangers away from my butt.
  • He's happy with his station in life. He's content with being a barrista and living off church-donated food.
  • He gets mad at me a lot for one date. He got pissed at me on New Years, which is a messed up situation in itself. I decided not to go out with him on New Year's Eve, but he didn't call for 2 days, so I never got to tell him. I missed his call at 3 pm on NYE and when he finally called to go out, IT WAS 11 AT NIGHT ON NYE. I was already tanked at the party. Imagine if I had decided to go out with him and he waited until 11 pm to call. Ass. I can also file that under why going to that party was the best decision I ever made.
  • He got mad at me again this week because he wanted me to drop by the coffee shop after work one day and I said that I'd think about it. I never said yes. With my commute, I'm gone for 12 hours a day and I didn't feel like standing around, watching some asshole make coffee. I wanted to go home, put on my pjs, and eat dinner. I didn't go and now he's pulling a 2-year-old temper tantrum.
  • He doesn't know the following words: smug, snarky, precarious, presumptuous, and facetious.


Jenni said...

Funny how three of those words the dummy doesn't know perfectly describe the jerk: smug, snarky, and presumptous.
It seems as if you have been far nicer to this guy than anyone would expect. One date and he's getting mad at you that often?!! He's got serious issues. Issues that are too heavy for a relationship in early phases. When a relationship starts a man should be making you feel special, respected, and hopeful.
CB is losing on all counts. Especially with those invasive questions. You don't owe him ANYTHING.
And I'm glad to read that you punched the guy that slapped your ass. Until YOU let them know it's okay, IT'S HANDS OFF!!!

Kristy said...

What a JERK! He sounds like a guy I dated....except even he didn't start getting mad at me for stuff like that until we were at least a few months in.

I found your blog by accident and I think it's great. :) Good luck getting rid of that guy....he sounds like potential stalker material. And I think you found the one person on the planet that doesn't know what smug means.

Gabriel K. said...


Gabriel K. said...

How old is this guy? Seriously? I know that I'm not the most mature guy out there, but come on! IMO, this guy needs to grow up, get serious and be more considerate.

Sarah said...

He's 27. That makes him...3 years older than me.


Yeah, Kohsta- please don't ever act like that!

Gabriel K. said...

I think he's to old to be acting that way. I'm not going to lie, I have acted that way before... 5 years ago! CB is getting cb'd by us.

Anonymous said...

I have to share!
* I met a cutie at a bar who was a couple years younger than me.
* We came back later and he was sloshed with no ride home, so we took him home. He already had my number from earlier in the night.
* He leaned in to kiss me and I rebuffed that.
* I think we swung through his place a week later because they were going to have some dirt bike race thing, but it was lame, so we left.
* I never had a real conversation with him on the phone.
* He kept calling me, I didn't respond.
* Finally, like 2 weeks later, he was so PiSsEd at me that he "broke up" with me on a voicemail.




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