~Monday, February 27, 2006

Why I'll never mention Becker again

Ever since Becker's and my Valentine's date, I've been interested in him. We talk on the phone roughly 3 days a week. I thought he was sweet, innocent, and sort of nerdy: always the underdog you see and root for on TV. I always thought that this is the sort of character I should end up with. Becker is my first opportunity to test this theory.

Becker usually watches cartoons instead of prime time TV. I thought this was refreshing and endearing. He has a mild interest in role playing, which didn't sit well with me at all, but I forgave since he stopped bringing it up in our conversations. He's cute and has much potential with a haircut and an updated wardrobe. A fixer-upper if you will. Corny 80's movies floated in and out of my mind. I have a lot I could teach him.

Besides role playing, the other road block with Becker is his exes. Everybody has exes and I understand that. I am best friends with half of mine and I know that it's hard and intimidating for a new guy to fit in a social circle where a girl is on good terms with her exes. Makes them think that there are unresolved feelings between the girl and the exes. I get that and go out of my way to reassure the new guy. Becker, however, does not understand the sensitivity of the ex factor.

He'll call me up and tell me his ex-fiance from 6 years ago invited him to go on spring break with her. (I thought we are finally too old for spring breaks, but apparently not.) I spend 20 minutes talking him through it when it is completely not my place to do so. BIG RED WARNING FLAG #1. I'm not emotionally invested in him at all, so I don't really care, but I still withdraw a little. Then Friday he tells about his recent conflict with his most recent ex who dumped him about 6 weeks ago. Once again, I play psychologist and reassure him he's better off (she really did sound childish and looney tunes.) Jokingly, I tell him that he used the word "martyr" incorrectly when describing his feelings. He then proceeds to get really upset with me:

"'Crucify,' what about that word!" he screams into the phone. "I feel crucified!" he hollered.

It was still used incorrectly for the context, but I decided to leave it alone.

I sat there in silence, stunned that I was getting yelled at. BIG RED WARNING FLAG #2 if he's yelling at me over an ex. There was dead silence between us. I was sitting in traffic and I thought of the role playing, the cartoons, the fiance at 19, and now this. I thought of Christopher who has never even mentioned a single girl to me and suddenly I loved him for it. I can afford to be choosy right now. 'Fuck this shit,' I thought, making up my mind about how to proceed.

No need for a strike 3- "I have to go now," I said and hung up the phone.

I have since deleted all his information. I don't even feel a need to put him in the "friend zone," I'm just going to cut that one loose.

So it turns out I am not for the sweet, innocent, nerdy guy. I'm a fool for the bad boy.


Jenni said...

Good move on the Becker front. Who needs that crap?!

And yes, that is certainly a good point that you realized about Christopher.


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