~Monday, March 20, 2006

Booze, bubbles, and boys

By this weekend I was pretty much resigned to the fact that Christopher was never going to call me after my last psycho-PMS encounter. My feelings weren't hurt and I didn't feel too badly over it, only that I couldn't believe I made that mistake and Christopher really was the best sex of my life and I was scared my sexual future was going to be a downhill adventure.

I had drunk-dialed Andy Friday night, who was happy to hear from me and left it asking me to call Saturday to make sure I got home safely. I called him Sunday morning when I was shopping and I was waiting to hear back from him.

My phone rings, but it's not Andy's ringtone. Gorillaz's "Feel Good Inc" was playing and only 2 boys have that song in my phone. The other boy is Nick, from last December, and he's currently in Banff. I pick up my phone and sure enough Christopher's picture was glowing on the display.

So when I want Christopher to call, Andy does, and when I want Andy to call, Christopher does.

Story of my life, but not a bad predicament.

Christopher tells me he just got his phone fixed Saturday and he was out with Maddy Saturday night. I knew better than to bring up the last time I saw him, or even ask why he didn't call the night I needed to stay at his place that resulted with me falling asleep at the wheel and spending $80 on a new tire.

He tentatively asks about my plans the past couple of weeks. I omit a lot.

"So what was the name of the guy you hooked up with?" He asks. Christopher begins his games almost immediately into the conversation.

"Which one?" I respond, trying to sound like I didn't catch on to him.

He invites me over. I know he was drinking, but he was uncharacteristically nice. I met him at a bar and he buys my drink. At his place, he keeps his arm around me while we watch basketball. Then he wants to spoon me on the couch. When I said my stomach wasn't settling well and I wanted to sit in the bath, he lit candles, added bubbles, and joined me -- all things he's never done before. Then, wait for this, he tells me to kiss him good night when we're in bed.

Andy calls while we're snuggling on the couch. I didn't answer, but I was also purposely vague with my response when Christopher asked who Andy was.

He wanted me to call in to work this morning so we could spend more time in bed together, but I said I couldn't do that the Monday after St. Patrick's Day, it would look too bad, so I left him sleeping. I don't know if Christopher missed me the last couple of weeks or he was just drunk and friendly or what, but I definitely liked it.


Gabriel K. said...

Such a player. Can you teach me, master?

Sarah said...

Oh! Does that mean I'm finally doing things right?!

Gabriel K. said...

It's all relative.

When will your classes begin?

Angel Girl said...

lol. If you ever learn the "game" please teach me!

Sarah said...

Koh- I'll let you know as soon as I finsh "He's Just Not That Into You."

Am I the only one who hasn't read this yet?

Gabriel K. said...

She's not a player, she just crushes a lot.

I haven't read it, but I'm assuming it applies to men the same way it applies to women.

Himu said...

wow! u got skills!

Angel Girl said...

I've read the book, and I think you are right KOH.. same principles, different species.

Have you started reading it Sarah?

Jenni said...

Sounds like it's getting complicated. I think it was a good move to back off of Christopher. Now he's missing you. I think it's better that way. It's good that you didn't give in to him to call into work. Keep up the game, girl!!


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