~Tuesday, March 21, 2006

There must be something in the water

Yesterday was a big day for me. I was congratulating myself on a job well done with the Christopher situation. I'm going to go ahead and say that he missed me and that his behavior was not because he was drinking. I even believe that, at times, he even looked at me differently. He'd look sideways at me and I just felt that there was a secret between us we shared. I don't know what the secret is, but one was there.

Andy and I e-mailed each other all day long and I returned his Sunday call after work. I know it's very early with him, but I think I could really like him in the future.

While I'm on the phone with Andy, Becker calls. I've haven't spoken to him since the ex-girlfriend incident. I called him back after I got off the phone with Andy and Becker is just in this great mood. He told me he got a full-time job and he's moving out of his mother's house in the next couple of weeks. He e-mailed me a picture of him -- he finally got the haircut I wanted him to have and he got hot fast. He was just so excited and talking about places he wanted to take me, telling me he would pay. It was cute.

While checking my e-mail, I get a message from CB. I had completely forgotten about him. He writes that he thinks of me every time he sees any "Walk the Line" stuff (It was the movie we saw) which is apparently all the time because they are promoting that DVD like crazy. He finishes the e-mail with this:

It reminded me of how he asked me out for a second date and then informed me I was paying. I wrote him back and I asked him why he was such a jerk to me the last time I saw him when he threw another temper tantrum. I have no plans to see him again.

It rained yesterday; it also poured.


Anonymous said...

oh yeah, your the stud(ette) ;)

I say keep (conveniently of course) blowing off Christopher, if he wants you then he will work for it. As a matter of fact I wouldn't go over there everytime he asks, make it on your terms.

Andy seems like a good, funny guy. See him on occasion, but don't let him get too close he seems like he would get attached too easy. Don't know why, maybe it's his special ed running picture lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh and for CB, HELL NO!

Jenni said...

All that juggling guys!! Just watch out. While people who are juggling are having loads of fun, sometimes they drop things.

Dumb analogy, huh? Oh well.

Gabriel K. said...

So, it's not a good thing to tell the girl to pay when going out? Kidding!

It seems to me that you have a pretty good handle of things so far. I'll be waiting for your publication - Sarah's Guide to Dating.

Your Sin City Friend said...

Damn girl, does your love life ever take a fiver?


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