~Friday, March 17, 2006

Meet Andy

Andy had 2 strikes against him before the date even started: he was bald and I didn't like the college he attended. It wasn't a real university to me.

I know, I'm finicky.

However, he did have one major plus, he has a genuine interest in all things me. Confession: I have a public blog that I have kept up for 3 years. In that time I have gathered a good amount of exes who still read it and I'm not comfortable giving them access to my love life. Or my mother should she ever Google my name. Since I first met Andy about 6 weeks ago, he visits my blog every day and leaves some funny comment. Additionally he reads all my friends' blogs and he knows their stories too. I don't know if this was to bone up for our date or not, but it shows interest. Major plus.

I hadn't seen him since I first met him, so my memory of Andy was a bit fuzzy. He has a strong brow line, reminding me of Dr. Romano from ER. What hair he does have is cropped very short, so at least he's wearing his baldness correctly, unlike guys who grow the hair on the back of their heads into a ponytail or comb over. He's also taller than me which is a plus because I'm pretty tall for a girl, but then again I wasn't wearing heels yesterday so I can't tell exactly how tall he is.

He's handsome when he smiles. And it turns out I was wrong about what school he attended, he actually went to an acceptable college. He also lives in the most expensive part of town. My eyes twinkled when I heard this that I may as well have taken a piece of paper out of my purse and put a check mark on it.

The conversation was good and we talked easily. I would say something and he would finish my sentence for me and I thought, Wow, this guy REALLY gets me. Then I realized that he apparently read my entire blog. 3 years worth of material. The last 3 years of my life; he knows everything that's important to me. That's why he's finishing my sentences, he's read them already.

I'm a bit torn by this. He knows my character and my personality through embarrassing situations and drunken debaucheries and he still likes me, so that's good. However, I am not going to be a mystery to him, I may as well have titled my blog, "Here's a manual to get to know Sarah." This also puts me at a unfair disadvantage. I know nothing about him unless he shares it with me. And I don't know how to proceed.

But I do want to proceed, we have A TON in common, and because he already knows me, he knows I didn't mean any harm when I gave him an "honorary vagina" for liking Sarah McLaughlin. (He was shocked and laughed and then I realized it probably wasn't good form to say such things on a first date, but I was alcohol-free, so at least I was 1 for 2.)

He said he had a good time and he wanted to do it again, so it looks like I must put my game face on, that's probably my only chance of keeping him interested. Make him work for it.


M said...

he sounds lovely, but I think you should make him keep a public blog as well..it's only fair ;)

Angel Girl said...

M, he does have a public blog. Not quite sure how much he goes into detail about himself though.

Sarah, it's quite alright and perfectly acceptable to make him work for anything when it comes to you. I'm slowly learning that. Now if I could just learn when to play bitch and when to play nice I will be all set.

Hey I wonder if they have classes for that lol.

Jenni said...

I'm glad you had a great date.
I think it's kind of comforting that he has plenty of background info on you through your blog. Give him a fair chance if he's a good guy. Some bald guys are HOT.

Sarah said...

Michael Rosenbaum is bald; Michael Rosenbaum is also very hot!

Good point!


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