~Thursday, March 23, 2006

Let's talk about sex

I found this poem recently and I love it. I find it really empowering and liberating. The voice obviously does not partake in sex without love, yet she is jealous of the act. She views those who do it as "purists" which is rather ironic because sex without love is a sin in God's eyes. It's a clinical look at love, acknowledging the partner as simply a factor.

I identify with this poem because that's how I've felt towards my relationship with Christopher. During sex, I'm not thinking about him. I don't even look at him if I can help it. I think about me and concentrate on me, something I don't think I do enough of in general. I feel alone, but in a good way, like a runner as the poem illustrates.

I'm so glad I found something that can articulate how I feel. She wants what I have. She wants to be me.


Jenni said...

To me the poem describes lonliness. Lonliness can be "pure"... purely empty. I know that one day soon you will love who you make love to. Then I think you'll realize that while you've become a pro at ignoring it, the emptiness is the "white elephant" in the bed with you and Christopher.

Anonymous said...

That's powerful Jenni!

Anonymous said...

Although I enjoy the sexual act in general, being in love really does intensify the situation- beautiful, art, liberating, empowering sex.

~ martha ~ said...

I agree with Angel Girl. I think there is two types of intercourse, love and the actual sex. Making love is better then sex, though it's much the same action wise.

Anonymous said...

very confusing

Sarah said...

This is how I differ than all of you: I've had the whole sex while in love thing. I've done it, I know what it's like.

Doesn't compare to my current situation. Just because you love each other, it doesn't make the sex great. The best time I've ever had is with Christopher and I think partly the reason is because I'm not concerned about him, only me.

But I am glad this sparked a debate!

Gabriel K. said...

Are you calling me Jewish?

Anonymous said...

I third Angel and Martha. There is a huge difference.



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