~Wednesday, August 09, 2006

He shall now be called Tuna

I had another mediocre date last night. I knew things weren't going to amount to anything after this phone conversation:

Guy: So what are you cooking for dinner?
Sarah: (sheepishly) Hamburger Helper...
Guy: Well, Tuna Helper says hello!
Sarah: Oh, is that what you're having?
Guy: No.
Sarah: Oh, so it was a joke?
Guy: Yeah.
Sarah: ...
I think I've hit a slump. Before dates I used to take an hour to get ready. I'd wash my hair, wear perfume, primp, etc. Last night I put on t-shirt and jeans, didn't even wash my face, and pulled my hair back in a pony tail. The excitement is gone.

I used to be optimistic and hope for the best. On date nights I used to be a little more spirited. Last night, with less than a half hour to get ready, I was sitting on my couch in my underwear, dumping the Pringles can in my mouth. (I could not have been bothered to actually reach my hand in the can. It seemed like too much effort at the time.)

I used to like dating and now it's one disappointment after another. I want to like someone. I want that spring in my step when I walk out the door. I want butterflies and nervousness. I want to "accidentally" brush my hand on his thigh.

I want no more Tuna Helper jokes.


Anonymous said...

yeah, the jokes lost on me too. I imagined the last line with dots as crickets chirping in the background lol.

Sarah said...

Crickets indeed!

J said...

I can relate! I was at that point about a month ago. Now with all the drama I currently have in my life I want to go back to the mundane. That said, I would like the good drama...the butterflies, the excitement.

Breanne Gentner said...

Um, I am officially totally in love with your blog because I'VE BEEN THERE. In each of your entries! :)

Sarah said...

Brea, will you be my BFF? :)

M said...

I was sitting on my couch in my underwear, dumping the Pringles can in my mouth.

ROFLMAO!! oh my god, coffee actually came out of my mouth and hit the screen.

The tuna thing would have been funny if he actually was having that (is it on a commercial or something??). Though I have absolutely NO IDEA what the hell tuna or hamburger helper is. Why do they need "help"?

Sarah said...

M- It saddens me to learn that Hamburger Helper is an American food.

You basically brown a pound of meat, add the boxed contents, and boil for 10 minutes. I would send you a box if I had your address!

Anonymous said...

If it's any consulation, all of his friends will be giving him shit for weeks.

"So you said Tuna Helper???"

M said...

hamburger helper sounds pretty scary!!

Anonymous said...

A person that uses that type of joke can't have friends! Seriously, he can't and if he does he's the guy everyone just shakes their head at and says "that's so (insert name here)!"


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