~Monday, August 28, 2006

Like soldiers...

Now is the time that everything is new.

Me: "You have soft hair."
Him: "You have a nice ass."

And exciting.

"You hate ketchup? Me too!"

And erotic.

"I love your whimper."

"I have a whimper? You have a grunt. It's deep and it's gutteral and it's hot."


"Like that!"

Now is the time I go in to work sleepy-eyed and there is already a note waiting for me in my inbox about how much fun last night was. Do I respond? Maybe in a few hours. I like this one.

Now is the time when reminiscing about singing themes songs to cartoons while lying in his bed makes me giggle.

Now is the time when my friends are getting a little pissed at me because they're telling me their problems and I can't wipe my stupid slap-happy grin off my face.

Now is my favorite part of any relationship. You're still on good manners. You're still trying to impress each other: wardrobes and stories are both carefully chosen. Discoveries about the other person are exciting. You give and take compliments nonstop. You still have your secrets.

Now is the time when he mentions the coming months and I'm included makes me happy, but nervous. Talk like that confuses me because I want to believe him. He's never given me a reason not to, but I've trusted boys with my heart before and have been deadly wrong.

Now is the time I wish I could shut my brain off. Now is the time I need to forget my past and my hurts. Now is the time I should just simply ENJOY. Either it will happen or it won't. It's terrifying, but true. All I can do is trust MYSELF and be true to myself.

Now is the time I wish could never fade.


M said...

yep! :)

Anonymous said...

siiighhh. I miss those days!

Phil said...

Huzzahs for slap-happy grins!

Vince said...

Glorious! Enjoy it!

Jenni said...

Make it last! It's a magical time.

Jen said...

This is the time that makes it all worth it. Enjoy!


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