~Tuesday, August 29, 2006


My favorite married friend struck again.

She called up to say she found the perfect guy for me. No prison time (that she knows of) and he's hot. She gave him my public blog address and he's very interested. She keeps saying over and over how hot he is, hotter than the others she tried to set me up with.

"I'll think about it; send me a picture," I told her.

I watched in horror as this slowly uploaded on my screen:

Did he just send me a picture of his tattoo? And it says, "Redneck?" He has that permanently inked on his body? He's the hottest looking one?

Okay, I have to find a nice way to tell her to stop trying. Seriously. Now.


Anonymous said...

I see that she hasn't really grasped "your type" yet. All I can say is.. wowww!

M said...

I have a feeling it might be more sinister than that even. That looks like he's taken out the texta marker and done it himself!!

Sarah said...

Yech-- that really is a terrbile tattoo, isn't it?

Gabriel K. said...

I have a tattoo on my back of water. Yeah, it's supposed to be a symbol of my heritage - a Wetback.


Maybe you should stop taking her phone calls...?

Anonymous said...

Shut. Up.

Anonymous said...

Let's be generous. It's a joke that does really work. The alternative that it is not a joke however makes me laugh.

Anonymous said...

OMG! That is one ugly picture.

Doll Face said...

At least you know what you would be getting yourself into ;-)

(came from M)

Sarah said...

Sorry Phil, that tattoo is real. :)

Jenni said...



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