~Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Things are going well on the Adam front. He's begun calling just to say hi. We've begun talking about meeting the friends.

I don't know whether to write a letter congratulating subliminal messaging or arguing that boys really can take hints:

At Surin's he hands me my watch back.

"You know," he says, "I saw it on my nightstand and thought, 'How did that get here?' not 'Whose is it?'"

We've never talked about dating other people. I think it's too early for that sort of thing-- I've only been seeing him for two weeks. But even though there is no official arrangement, I don't want him to date elsewhere.

"So are you normally used to making lists to track down lost items?" I pried.

He laughed and imitated calling me. "Hello? Sarah? Are you missing anything? No, I can't tell you what it is..." he joked.

I made a sour face. He dropped my hand from the table and ran his hand down my head, from my temple down my neck.

Now what the hell does that all mean?


Anonymous said...

Awee he likes you! hehe. Enjoy girl, because you most definitely deserve it!

Sarah said...

But what's with him talking about other girls? Aren't we supposed to pretend they don't exist?

Anonymous said...

He's trying to get a reaction from you to see where you are without having to ask. In my opinion.

you sin city friend said...

It looks like it's time for the "how serious are we?" talk!

Sarah said...

It's only been 5 dates! WAY too early for that stuff!

Vince said...

(amateur psychologist observation)

Facial touch = intimacy and trust. Assuming you didn't flinch, he not only likes you, but knows you like him back. :-)

Jen said...

In my opinion, if you feel like you need to talk to him about not seeing other people then do it. I have found that it is no good to supress those feelings...best to get it out in the open.


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