~Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Peaks and Valleys

I walked in my door Sunday night soaking wet. I just had to wear this inappropriately short white skirt for my date with Adam and because of the storms, everything was wet including my inappropriately short white skirt with a fresh chicken wing stain.

I emptied the contents of my purse and laid my leather wallet out to dry. I removed the soggy concert tickets I won and pressed them in a book. Then I walked into the bathroom.

And nearly screamed.

My blow-dried straight, perfectly styled hair did not react well to the humidity. Halos of cow licks highlighted my face and took on a general poofy nature with its own peaks and horns.

Adam didn't kiss me, he kissed frizz with a body attached to it.

My face was barely better. If we would have stayed out any longer, I would have been suffering from raccoon eyes. This was about as Bridget Jones as one gets.

"Oh God," I moaned.

I described the event to a coworker. "Well he's seen you on a good hair day and on a bad hair day!" she laughed.

"Seriously, N, why does he like me?"

"Now why do you say that?"

"Because I'm pretty, but I'm not sexy. I'm what boys call "cute." I'm funny and lively, but there are girls out there that are much more charming than me. He's just so hot and smart. I know my age works for me but..."

"Listen," she said, having none of my pity party. "What you don't understand is that you have this energy. When you smile, your whole body lights up. You're silly and it's completely contagious."

"That's how I won the concert tickets."


"And what the Buckhead ladies don't have on you is your intelligence. He's in law school and he wants someone whom he can have a conversation with."

"I did have two debates with him last night."


"I guess."

"God you have self-esteem issues."

"I just like to think of it as being humble."

Last night Adam e-mailed me while he was in class. That must mean he was thinking about me. Every e-mail I get from him, I always scan through it first, checking to see the line where he says he's canceling or can't see me anymore. It's a little paranoid, but when you're used to something for so long, it's hard to let it go.


Anonymous said...

Awe! Sarah we all have our pity party moments where all of a sudden everyone else's good qualities seem so much better than ours, but you need to listen to your friend and trust his judgement on whatever it is he sees in you that keeps him coming back.

Not to mention I could probably mention a million qualities about you that make you special, unique, attractive, and just an all around awesome woman.

Sarah said...

Thanks AG, I do believe I have qualities to offer. Sometimes I just have to hear it from others to validate that I'm not making up the good stuff about me.

Likewise with you, girlie! You are so emotionally smart, I wish you could make my decisions for me!

your sin city friend said...

Sarah...do you even like him? You've never said. He's great, but is he your type?

Jen said...

I can understand your paranoia...I do the same thing.

Listen to the others! You are an amazing gal. Smart, funny....I hardly know you and I can see that just from your writing!

M said...

oh god, I go through those same sort of doubts daily..hourly even! *hugs*

ps: you sound pretty awesome to me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sarah. It always feels funny hearing that as most of the time I am in my own head, but then I spit out something to prove myself wrong lol. I can't make your decisions for you, but I can give my overly opinionated advice any day ;) hehe

Jenni said...

I went through that "humble" phase too. I said something to my mom about how I couldn't understand that Ax would like me??! My mom looked at me like I was crazy and said something to the effect of "Why wouldn't he?" I saw myself through her eyes for a moment. She knows I'm fabulous and I trust her, so I must be.
Same for you, Sarah. The people who know and love you say you are fabulous so you ARE!!! Trust them.


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