~Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sarah Answers, Part Four of Many

Round four...

Natalie asked, "Do you trust people?"

That's a big fault of mine. I'm not very trusting (read: at all). Combined with my fierce sense of independence and it appears that I don't have a big need for other people. I've had several guys walk out the door and call over their shoulders, "I didn't feel needed."

It's a vicious cycle. I don't open up because I think he's going to leave. He leaves because I don't open up. The right man for me will be one that stays when I push.

Outside of relationships, the same applies. I think it's I'm afraid of judgment.

Two Drink Girl asked, "Why doesn't anybody get us the way we do?"

Crazy understands crazy. That's why we stick together! :)

Anonymous asked, "Does it feel any different to you with or without any protection?"

First off, I do not condone unprotected sex outside of a monogamous relationship in which there is another form of birth control used.

That being said, yes I can tell a difference. Especially with condoms that are ribbed or with little bumps "for a woman's pleasure." I'm not a big fan of the ribs or the bumps. Otherwise I can't tell a difference, except maybe emotionally.

Oh, after about 45 minutes to an hour condoms will, uh, dry me out. And that doesn't feel great either. I find that pausing to put a new one on will quickly remedy that.


Miss Natalie said...

I have very similar feelings towards trust. thanks for answering :-)

Barbcue Sauls said...

The right man for me will be one that stays when I push.

Does this mean that when you push him away he should keep trying despite what you say?

Or should he merely give up, take what you say at face value, and move on?

In general, not you specifically.

Sarah said...

When I was writing the post, I was thinking of the former, not the latter.


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