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Sarah Answers, Part Three of Many

Round three...

Anonymous asked, "Are you happy?"

I am. My brother P said to me last month, "Sarah, I have never seen you looking so well and so happy. You just have this energy about you. Sister, you glow."

With the exception of the boyfriend, I have everything I could want or wish for in life. It may not come across in this blog because I spend a lot of time sorting out my fears and feelings. I have a career that I get up and go to every morning without thinking of three reasons to call out. I have great friends. I have a balanced bank account. It's a very selfish life, but I spend time the way it I want it.

Martha asked, "How do you become content with current life situations?"

Martha, I'm not a wise person by any means, but I do know this: never become content. Let me repeat this-- never become content with current life. Always strive for better. I know you've had a rough time since I started following you with your job and roommate situations. I too want you to have the Desperate Housewife life.

You were scared of driving and look at you now-- you have a car and hours logged behind the wheel of those scary big work vans! You worked on your fear! I'm so proud of you! Strive to get the job you really want and with that you'll be able to get another kick ass roommate. Don't settle if it doesn't make you happy. When you're truly happy, people will naturally want to be around you and hopefully get a little of what you have.

"How do you move on from a romance that you feel like you never should have left?"

I love these romance questions. I think they are so funny because I don't know what the hell I'm doing most of the time. If I had really wanted it, I could have had the husband and house thing by now. There are two relationships I walked away from that I know would have ended up that way.

This is how I moved on: I drank a lot and found someone new to sleep with. Not exactly the healthiest of ways, but it worked for me.

Think about it like this, and I didn't learn this until I had years of perspective after the relationships were over: when it came down to it, you and I couldn't commit. I didn't want to acknowledge it at the time, but those people weren't right for me. It didn't mean I didn't love them and care for them, but in the long run, they wouldn't have kept me happy. It might be hard to see it because you still care for him and miss him, but there was a reason you didn't commit.

Rocky Mountain Princess asked, "Do you let people you know in real life read your journal? Who are they and why?"

No. No one I know in real life has access to this blog or even knows about it. I actually keep a separate blog for that. I lead two lives: a public one and a private one. Like I've said, I'm fairly secretive. You should feel lucky though, you get access to all the dirt and they don't. :)

Do you tend to stereotype people?

I do, is that a bad thing? Most stereotypes are founded on some matter of pattern or truth. I am a upper-middle class white girl. I was a debutante, my university was paid for by my parents, my Scotch-Irish ancestry can be traced in America back to the 1620's. I come from a very prominent southern family and I could join the Daughters of the Confederacy if I ever choose. I pretty much fit my own stereotype.

"Describe a typical evening in the life of Sarah."

After work, I hit the gym for either ballet or yoga. Then I drive home and take my dog to the park for her walk. At 7:30 I turn on Geraldo and cook dinner. I absolutely hate him, but I watch every day to mock him. Eating is more of a formality since I live alone and it's usually tuna salad or Hamburger Helper-- nothing fancy. Depending on the day of the week, I either watch TV or pop in a movie from my Blockbuster online membership. By 11 PM, I'm in bed falling asleep to one of my TV series I have on DVD. I'm very simple during the week and I like it that way.

"Do you REALLY like those tall, scary, neck-breaking shoes or is it just a societal thing you've been suckered into?"

I love them! They make me feel sexy. Last night I walked over a mile in them going and coming back from the bar. My mother hates them because she thinks I'm going to break an ankle in them. My friends hate them because I'm fairly tall as it is and three inch heels makes me soar above them. I'm actually in a bit of a dilemma because I have a date tomorrow with Adam (!) and I'm the same height as he is and I don't know if I should wear heels or not.


M said...

re: Adam - do you love him again? What happened?


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