~Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bodily Function Sarah ???

N and I had been taking Airborne together every three hours. I blame her. She felt sick on Tuesday and Friday morning I shuffle into work, not making much sense, and complaining that I feel like I dropped out of a butt.

Airborne tastes like a bottle of Sunny D left in the trunk of a car all summer long, but she swears by it.

"It helps that were both drinkers," she says. "Our chugging skills keep us from tasting it."

We toast and chug. I make a foul face and chase it with my tea.

"So how are you feeling?" she asks.

"Ugh, I snored. I snored so loudly it woke me up this morning. And I never snore unless something is going on up there," I wave my hand around my face.

RHFDSC appears in front of my cubicle. It seemed like he appeared from thin air, much like super villains do.

"Would you say snoring is a Bodily Function?" he laughs.

N looks at me, "He really does call you Bodily Function Sarah?"

I can't believe she doubted this. What reason do I have to make this up about myself? "Yup."

"I take it you don't like me calling you Bodily Function Sarah."

"Well, it's just that Bodily Function makes me think of much worse things than sneezing and coughing."

"Yeah," N agrees. "Bodily Function does carry excrement connotations."

"Well then I shall give you a new nickname."

I'm definitely seeing a pattern with being attracted to people that tease me.

And I'm scared about what my new nickname may be.


Indiana said...

So at least you know he is attracted to you.

general_boy said...

Maybe you can turn the tables and give him a nickname? Well.. a different on from his blog nickname, obviously... LOL

Phil said...

To be honest Desperate Sarah is a great blog name but probably not something you want everyday people to describe you, so that nickname's out.

I'm now going to call you Bob. Let's see if it takes off.

What happened on the date?

Buttons said...

oh is he one of those who likes to think he's funny? is he?

oh *groan*

does he have a big nose?

Sarah said...

Indiana- by the blokes at the pub secret, you are correct. However, that was one thing I did not know before so we'll see!

Genral_Boy- I'm terrible at nicknames. Help me out?

Phil- I think any male name is cute for a girl nickname. Except maybe Sanchez.

Buttons- He's funny in a get-under-my-skin way. But he thinks he's funnier than he really is heheh :)

Walter said...

There's a definite interest on his part towards you, but what new nickname is he going to conjure up?

M said...

I'm sure it will be something ...interesting. hehe


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