~Thursday, November 16, 2006

Foreign Policies

As a well-educated American, I know to get my news from international sources, especially news that pertains to American foreign policy. Normally I'm a fan of the Telegraph , but today I found myself on the Khaleej Times reading an interesting op ed piece on the war in Iraq.

With international websites comes international advertisements. I know it's tradition there, but this ad made me laugh:

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Walter said...

I wonder if they have money back guarantees, or coupons like, "Buy 3 spouses, and get your 4th free!"

Anonymous said...

As far as I believe, it is a match matching websites like many other match making websites all around the web There are plenty for Americans too. You can not buy anyone! Walter , I believe you have the wrong information

A reader

Sarah said...

Walter - I thought the pick the country was the funniest part.

A- Actually I started playing around with it after I posted this. It is completely unbiased and has American and Christian options.

You have to admit the marketing hints otherwise.


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