~Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Party at My Place

So, one of my neighbors is currently toking.

Scratch that. One of my neighbors is currently blazing the chronic.

I stepped outside for my dog's evening walk and almost fell over. It smells like someone has been smoking for a week and just now decided to open a window. It smells like I am currently in that room where they have been smoking for a week.

Passing the other dog walkers, we all wave our mittens in front of our faces and declare, "Phew!" The dogs, however, seem happier. Mine is on my balcony with her cookie, smelling the cold night air and is... becoming paranoid.

Maybe I should invite my parents over.


Anonymous said...

I used to live next to someone like that. Thankfully I had 2 entrance doors, one through the community hall and one through the kitchen door which was private. Gotta love that contact buzz though lol.

Walter said...

It's easy to handle paranoid dogs, but watch the phone, they might try and order pizza.

Indiana said...

That's how my little brother trained the cat "donk" to act like a dog. ~grin~

A paranoid pooch, now that is funny.

Miss Natalie said...

So, did you hang around a little more than usual?

Phil said...

Are you going to rename your pooch, Snoop Dog?

Anonymous said...

Do yourself a favor and get something crunchy to eat and something smooth to drink. With that much of a clambake, it sounds like you're going to get high right along with them and the munchies suck if you have nothing to snack on, lol.

M said...


Sarah said...

Angel Girl- Seriously, it was bad! I would have if I stayed out any longer!

Walter- Good tip!

Indy- She had the munchies too. She ate all her dog food in addition to the slab of prime rib I gave her, she never does that. :)

Natalie- Nah, alcohol is my drug of choice.

Phil- Yes, yes I will :)

RMP- Oh no! I don't keep snacks in my apartment!!!

M- :)

Walter said...

It would really suck if you had to take a pee pee test anytime soon. Testing positive and trying to explain it was your neighbors sounds REALLY convincing.

Sarah said...

I'll just tell them it was the poppyseed muffins.

They'll buy that too, right?


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