~Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Christmas Eve (well it was after midnight)

"David, he took my car. My car!"

"Shh. It's okay. I told you I would give you a ride." He grabs a bottle of beer from the cluster between us and pushes it towards me. "Here, drink some more."

After a few more rounds of cards, and a visit from some very nice police officers, the party winded down and the boys and I headed off to Waffle House. While walking to David's truck, he pulled ahead of me and opened my door. Swoon. While walking into the diner, I fell behind and David reached both his hands behind him and wiggled his fingers. I hopped forward and grabbed his hand.

I had fun with the boys. I usually do. While I had never been out with this group before, I am an official invitee to Boys' Night Out in two different cities. Hanging with the boys is just something I do well. And I don't even like sports that much.

While walking back to the car, David again ran ahead of me to open my door. Sigh. Good manners will get you so far with me. My only fault is I can't tell the difference between him being a gentleman, or being sincere. We dropped another boy off and David's hand immediately found mine. We asked tentative questions of each other: he travels into the city frequently for work. We've met each other several times before, but neither of us really remember. We went to the same elementary school.

"When did you graduate from high school?"

"You just want to find out how old I am," I joked.

"No seriously, I want to see if you knew some people that went there."

"It was a big school, so probably not. Anyway, I graduated in '99."

"I'm 19."

I howled with laughter and half-shrieked. I quickly did some math in my head to figure out if that was a possibility. It wasn't.

"Look at how quickly you snatched your hand away!" He laughed.

I returned it into his. Swoon.

At Conor's he put the truck in park and stopped the engine. He followed me inside while I fumbled in the dark and swore while I tripped over the various Christmas presents left discarded on the floor, reminding me of the discomfort of this evening's earlier activities. I finally found a light switch.

"You've never been here before?"

"Nope, they just moved in together." I wanted my car keys to go home; I didn't want to stay in this house after Caroline's bitch fit. I found them three rooms into the house, alone on a coffee table. "Aha!"

I killed the lights and we left. I paused in front of my car door. David kicked the dirt in front of him and shrugged his shoulders, "When will you be back at school?"

"When you call me."

He leaned in and kissed me. They were butterfly kisses: very soft, light, and quick. He would pull back and land again. It was welcomed after the Kissing Bandit's aggression. I tried to put both of my arms around his neck, but my arms were restrained due to my Penny Lane coat. He kept pulling away and landing until I pushed him further and the breathing got heavier and my fingers intertwined with his belt loops while he kissed down my neck. I groaned.

We began to make out pretty heavily and his hands wandered. Up my skirt was okay, but when he went under my shirt, I was afraid he'd feel the "insulation" I've acquired since Thanksgiving (which will be immediately shed now that it's the new year).

A car pulled up and stopped in front of the driveway. I wondered what kind of pervert would stop and watch two people making out in one ex boyfriend's driveway, but it was so late (or early) that it was the morning paper being delivered. It was our cue to part ways.

"You seem like a nice girl."


David made a satisfactory noise. He took my number and promised to call. And I made my hour drive back to the city by sunrise.


allbilly said...

Another very well written post. You are really, really good.

PLUS! it had a happy ending.

oh...and it mentioned waffle house. so you had drinking, making out and waffle house in one wonderfully woven post.

two thumbs up.

Phil said...

Now that's a fairy tale ending!

AT said...

I second the Waffle House. Thats the only decent end to a party. Kudos on the involving local authorities.
Good luck!

Two Drink Girl said...

Mmm, kisses and waffles. Best Combo Ever!

Sarah said...

allbilly- Aw, thanks! Well drinking and Waffle House do go hand in hand... :)

Phil- Or is it? :)

AT- The po' po' were really nice, must have been a Christmas miracle. They even laughed when I made fun of them, hehe ;)

TDG- I like my 'browns covered and topped!

"I want you smothered, want you covered like my Waffle House hashbrowns."

Indiana said...

Now has he called yet?

Don't leave us hanging...it's not nice, tell us the next chapter.

Pinky said...


Jen said...

Patiently waiting for what happens next...

Lil Bit said...

Aw, great story!
Gentlemen are such a rare thing. *sigh*

Happy New Year, girl... let's plan our dinner date soon, k? =)

adventure boy said...

What a great evening! Well done. I'm looking forward to the sequel.

Princess said...

That's freakin' awesome dude!! I was reading and sitting here thinking, "You go girl!!"

Let's hope he calls. Sounds like the first non-loser that has wandered your way in a while. And we want to be the FIRST to know when he does! :)

Sarah said...

Indiana- I have to go in chronological order! :)

Pinky- Finally!

Jen- It's good to finally have a story to tell :)

Lil- I love the gentlemen! That's why I don't think I could ever move up north!

Adventure boy- thanks!

Princess- Of course y'all will be first!


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