~Saturday, February 10, 2007

Do not be me

Fine. I get it.

Loud and clear.

I am here to ruin the lives of others.

I am the living, breathing version of the anti-christ. Because heaven forbid I have one fucking night out without someone getting pissed at me.

I exist only to serve as a warning to others. Do not do as I do. Do not think as I think. Do not look as I look.

Do not be me.

Point taken.

Loud and clear.


Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog and love it. I identified a lot with your top 100 and also your friendship with E (I have a similar friend who I've decided not to be friends with anymore). anyways, sorry you had a bad night. tomorrow will be better! screw people

Bluesoup said...

Oh Sarah. What's happened hun? I wish I lived there - I reckon we'd get on like a house on fire and then maybe not feel quite like we both feel at the moment! xx

londongirl said...

Hope you're ok.

I make lots of mistakes and do things I shouldn't too, but hey, at least we're living, not thinking about living, right?

James said...

Take care x

M said...

fuck 'em.
You're here to live your life and so you should!

Vinca Pervanche said...

I'm thinking of you. Remember that you've got lots of support here. We're all pulling for you.

Phil said...


general_boy said...

Sarah.... don't stop being you. I guarantee there are people who will like you, and love you, for who you are... not who they try to make you out to be. :)

Sarah said...

Anonymous- Thank you :)

Blue Soup- I wish I lived there! I think we'd get along great and be fantastic drinking buddies :)

Londongirl- That's true. At least I get out there.

James- Thanks.

M- It was living my life that got me in trouble. :S

Vinca- Thanks. It's good to know I can always come here to let things out.

Phil- :P

General Boy- I hope to god you're right, and I would really like confirmation on that right about now.

Lil Bit said...


Sarah said...

Lil Bit- Thanks. It was a rough Friday.


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