~Thursday, February 22, 2007

My liver hurts

I am alive, but it is completely possible that I might still be drunk from Fat Tuesday.


Two Drink Girl said...

Dude, I hate that feeling! Get better soon!

James said...

Hair of the dog - the only fool proof remedy.

Bluesoup said...

I swear by Berocca to make you feel better. And have flourescent yellow wee x

Anonymous said...

lol. is your liver bulging out of your gut? cuz that happened to a friend of mine.

Walter said...


-Your Liver

Sarah said...

Two Drink Girl- I'm fine, I just feel like I did when I had mono: completely pooped.

James- I always feel like I deserve the pain, so I sit through it.

Blue Soup- Haha!

Kate- Nope, but I did have my liver checked out when I was in college; it's still good!

Walter- Excedrine is the official hang over reliever of Mardi Gras.

And it works :)

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...


M said...

hangovers are the WORST.

Cain said...

ummm...what? No "leave of absence??"

xx, Cain. (you're fine. smile!) :)

Sarah said...

Sometimes Saintly Nick- yes.

M- I think it might be more than a hangover. ompf.

Cain- I already took one!


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