~Monday, February 19, 2007

Riding the Sin Wagon

Remember when my posts used to employ metaphors, themes, and other literary devices?

Yeah I miss those too.

I've really wanted to get back into that, but my mind is too scatterbrained to actually put intended coherent thoughts back-to-back right now. At this moment, for instance, I am mentally singing Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'."

E sent me a crap apology letter sometime last week. It was only a few sentences and included the phrase "honest mistake." I didn't buy it, but I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt that she didn't actually know why I was so upset, even though I already told her. I sent her a reply articulating why exactly I felt the way I did. I was a big girl about it and removed giant blocks of text that were either off point tangents or personal attacks, but I was very honest with her and let her know that things are not good between us right now.

She never responded. This leads me to believe that our friendship was not as important as I thought it was, and that, god, girls suck.

But in a very special turn of events, Satchel, my platonic lover for life, is back in town and we're celebrating Mardi Gras just like we did when we were in school-- with body shots of well liquor, cheap beer, and the worst hangover of our lives. I've already scheduled Wednesday as a sick day from work.

I'm that dedicated to get all my sinning in tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I think that it's best that you & E take a break for now.

Even if you're not ready to cut the ties completely, you definitely need to re-evaluate, and that's best done with some perspective.

Scorpy said...

I love pre-planning sick days LOL enjoy yourself and be good if you can't be good then be very, very bad ;)

Amber said...

E sounds like a tuna-fish twat. Do you really want to be around her, having her stinkin' up your life?

You have a great time and keep holding your head high. I know it's not easy giving up on a friendship, but I'm way proud of you for sticking to your guns and building your social life up, having fun, being the classy, charistmatic, awesome gal you are!

Can't wait to read the stories from your wild night out :).

Phil said...

Hee, Amber said 'tuna-fish twat'

Yay to sinning Tuesday! Have a great time with your true friends and give that slippy dress thing another spin around the block.

dont eat token said...

Wow, I'm suddenly very "old."

Have a very very fun night out!

Lil Bit said...

Live it up, girl!
Happy Mardi Gras! =)

ps. Thx for your CSS help today, chicka. *hug*

Indiana said...

Can you do that, get all your sinning in, in one day? WOW, it would take me at least two. ~grin~

M said...

planning your future sick days? I now pronounce you an honorary Australian! Welcome to the club!! :D

Miss Natalie said...

I reiterate Mez's comments hehehe... Love your style in both writing and sickies ;-)

jedimerc said...

I love being 'sick' in advance. Much better than actually being sick (as is the present case)

I can understand about wanting to use metaphors and other literary things more often in posts... I meant to write something more than what I had droned out over the weekend, but I've been too ill to care... ah, well.

James said...

Still suffering from your hangover? Sounds like you're moving on just fine from E.

Anonymous said...

Hope all your sinning went well! It usually always does doesn't it ;)

Cain said...

Have Fun, always!

~~umm.."sick-day," huh?...

(gotta try that)


Sarah said...

Vinca- Oh it's cut. ;)

Scorpy- LOL! I'm so stealing that!

Amber- I at least wanted her to care about me enough to not be a complete bitch.

Classy, er my photos have to disagree with you there ;)

Phil- That's not a dress! It doesn't even cover my butt! Ooh, good idea...

Don't Eat Token- You're not old!

Lil Bit- You too! (Site looks great :)

Indiana- Girls can multitask, remember?

M- Honorary Aussie! Woot!

Miss Natalie- It turned out to be a much needed sick day :)

Jedimerc- I'm used to writing, not dear diary entries. Hopefully I'll be inspired soon.

James- Yes. And not so loud. :)

Angel Girl- It always seems like a good idea at the time.

Cain- Well I count "hung over" as "sick," hehe


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