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I'm a selfish bitch

Can I get a hell yeah?

This is one of my favorite sites to lurk on. I don't always agree with everything they have to say, but the stances are always well-argued and often funny. Like this one.

And in all fairness, when I did have that intruder a couple of weeks ago, I did wish there was someone there to keep me company afterwards. However, it never crossed my mind once that if I had a man in the apartment, he could have taken charge and scared him off for me.

I absolutely love the argument that women need to get married to clean the house for men so men will live longer. Yup, because that's a daily concern of mine. He says by not marrying men, we are killing them. He just criminalized single women. I am currently committing the crime of murder for not being married. Pfee! He does make men so unappealing that I am sitting here and thinking, Thank god.

What is wrong with the man who invests himself emotionally and buys the ring? Is that not being a man? Is it something to look down upon? If that's the case, then holy god I've started the wrong kind of blog here.

Edit: Vince wrote a response here.


Vince said...

It all starts with an assumption. The assumption that a specific patriarchal arrangement is ideal in all circumstances. Of course, at a deeper level, the assumption is there because power must stay in the hands where it currently lays. Yep, the rich white Christian guys who rule us. Anyways...

Marriage does not make a good home. People make a good home, and the living arrangements are a result of the people, not the other way around.

The statistics are deeply flawed to begin with (as I note in my blog), and the causality is obviously backwards.


Not everybody gets the partner they deserve. Just because some loser thinks he has a case for losers in general getting better than they deserve doesn't mean anything IMO. Case dismissed.

Vince said...

Whoops... Meant to remove the line about "not everybody gets the partner they deserve". Confuses the issue.

Phil said...

He was trying for irony but his inante stupidity could not be held down.

What a doofus.

And the missuse of the PJ O'Rourke quote annoys me.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

A 30-year-marriage taught me a lot. Living alone the past 7 years has taught me much more.

Sarah said...

Vince- Those are some very feminist ideals you state. I'm impressed :)

Phil- I don't know if he was trying for irony, but I do acknowledge that the article was very tongue-in-cheek. Still, you're right, the stupidity of it lacks humor.

Sometimes Saintly Nick- Are you saying you're against marriage?

Anonymous said...

Does lesbianism count towards silently killing men too since I am part of the problem.. women who are selfish without husbands? Because if so it would make me selfish for being happy with my FEMALE partners..


Vince said...

Ah, so that is how gay marriage destroys the world. It messes up the "woman takes care of man so that he can live" scenario. I always wondered where the "logic" behind anti-gay marriage was.

All I can do is shake my head.

londongirl said...

It's certainly an interesting article. But yeah, men like that need to get mature and look after themselves and then we mightbe interested in marrying them. I don't want to be someone's mother.

Bluesoup said...

The act of single women not settlnig down and cleaning a man's house actually results in looking after the male immune system which would otherwise be crippled as a result of living in a bubble...

This is terribly worded as I am ill today... sorry. :)

M said...

oh christ, that's IT: I am going to get a pet dog and marry it. I finally GET why people do that now! Surely it's easier and funner (made up word).

Sarah said...

Angel Girl- Oh you are guiltier than the rest of us!

Vince- And two men together are doomed because neither knows what dust looks like. You know how often I think about gay marriage? When someone else brings it up. That's it. I don't understand what the big deal is.

LondonGirl- That's exactly how this came off! I know he meant to be cheeky about how women benefit men, but it came off like we exist to take care of them! That is not a reason to get married!

Blue Soup- Don't forget in that bubble is enough booze to make a man piss himself :)

M- Your friends will throw you a lovely shower. Sounds like they already have all the details worked out!

general_boy said...

my wife has never stopped me doing stupid things ( actually... she's egged me on several times LOL ) and I clean the toilet.

see... everyone can win... :P

adventure boy said...

I don't understand why people get upset with this article. Or why it has to be written.

People are happier when together. We are social animals. Communication, mental and physical contact, building something together, support, stability - all these things cater to basic needs of humans.

Clearly there are some really pathetic men out there, yes. One doesn't have to go to Italy and observe the mamone in action to see incapable useless males. They are everywhere. And clearly this is not a reason for women to marry them.

But it's the same with single women, on average. They're equally incapable of getting a life. So it's not a difference in kind, one one in degree.

Then again it is more acceptable to a man to take care of a helpless woman. But, like LG says, women don't want an incapable man.

Sarah said...

General Boy- That's the exact kind of partnership I want. Sounds great :)

Adventure Boy- I could go on about this, but my point is a) yes I understand it was written tongue in cheek b) his whole argument is that men need women, not for our character or personalities or minds or even companionship, but for our cleaning skills. I just don't find that funny.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

No, I am very pro-marriage. I am saying I am for love and commitment.


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