~Sunday, February 18, 2007

Party People

My mouth feels like something wet and greasy died in it, so that can only mean a 3 AM trip to Waffle House was included in last night's adventures. I also seem to remember an eye test to see if Phil had indeed been kidnapped by Buffalo Bill's uglier sister like I suspected.

Fun was had last night.

I surprised my neighbors when I walked out of my loft, clearly not wearing any pants, with only my pea coat covering me, flasher-style. Then I got into my SUV and drove 15 miles to the lingerie party.

That would be the tip of my coat keeping me from indecent exposure.

I walked in the door and immediately posed like Betty Boop while my coat was yanked off me by Harvey. A beer appeared out of nowhere and was thrust in my hand. There were a couple of girls wearing pants, but not many.

Even guys got into the spirit:

And now, the party pics:

Harvey and her best friend both thanked me over and over for coming to the party and truly getting into the spirit of the theme. It had been a year since I'd seen Harvey last and I didn't expect her to take E's place, although I hoped it wouldn't be another year before we get to see each other again.

However, they had other plans. Actually we all have plans. For Friday. Most of the group hadn't realized that I moved to the city; they thought I still lived back at school. They told me they missed me and we laughed about all our antics in college—nights that predated the men in their lives.

Perhaps the fight and subsequent falling out with E was a good thing. Otherwise I would have gone to E's friend's party in place of seeing Harvey. Now I've reconnected with old friends and my circle has gotten a little wider.


mel said...

does that wider circle still include old friends?? :o)

Sarah said...

You know you're VIP!

Amber said...

Yay!!!! for restarting old connections and living it up, with fun to be had by all! :)

So happy for ya, sweetie!!! :)

Vince said...


dont eat token said...

Awesome turn of events. :)

Peter Matthes said...

Pants are overrated.

Bluesoup said...

Sounds like a wicked night you lucky thing!!

PS - you have super legs :)

M said...

hehe, looks like a hilarious time.

LOVE the "present" idea. Present indeed! :D

londongirl said...

Yay for reconnecting with friends and yay for having a blast.

Looks like most people got into the spirit of things too which is fab.

Glad it was good.

Jason said...

Damn! Why don't I get invited to parties like that?

James said...

Happy days Sarah. Glad you had a blast.

James said...

Oh, and by the way - gorgeous legs ;-)

Sarah said...

Amber- We were actually really close for a few years at school (before boys overtook everyone's lives). I'm glad to be hanging with them again!

Vince- Ha! Consider it my birthday present to you :)

DET- I think so too!

Peter Matthes- The waitress at Waffle House might disagree with you!

Blue Soup- Thanks! I was actually a little nervous posting that with them all squished together and looking much larger than they are.

M- That was what I said! LOL

LondonGirl- Yeah I had a lot of fun!

Jason- Next time ;)

James- I am too, thanks. I was a little self-conscious about that :)

adventure boy said...

My what super parties you go to! I will promptly steal this idea and implement here in Western Europe. My hopes are not high tho - my fave theme, Toga (when one arguably wears slightly more than at lingerie parties, is rarely accepted and carried out. Booooo.

Phil said...

Looks like an awesome party Sarah!

As well as making some new friends back home I've reconnected with some old friends I haven't seen in a good 10 years.

I second the above Yays.

Venting said...

I love theme parties! Our last one was Cowboys & Indians, which followed Pirate Monkeys...

Good times.

Lil Bit said...

Yay!! - fun times!

Greaaat pix, girl! =)

Miss Natalie said...

There's nothing better than reconnecting with old friends. The old ones are often the best.

It's great to see how enthusiastic your friends are when it comes to dressing up. Great little outfit ;-)

Enny said...

I've never been to a theme party with my friends - might have to start making plans for one, methinks!


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