~Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tuxes and Tiaras

I knew I wanted to give Jack an honest chance without the whole New Orleans fiasco the morning after I met him. I was slumped in the passenger seat of his SUV, hungover and not handling it very well. As we emerged from the parking deck I use for my apartment building, I groaned and shaded my eyes from the morning sun with my palm. Jack looked over at me and stifled a smile. He then aimed so only his side of the SUV would go over the speed bumps, and not mine.

Honestly, it was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. It was a small gesture, but it was something I never would imagine doing. I always drive so my side misses the speed bumps, it had never even occurred to me that there was another way. He put my comfort in front of his own.

Okay Sarah, you need to give this boy a break. You've given him an awful lot of grief for someone who hasn't actually started dating you yet. Play nice.

Jack was parked in front of my building again at 8 PM that night. When he saw me tug the gate open, he got out of the truck. And he looked great. I looked down at my own sweater and felt embarrassed. He got my door and then ran back to his side, and as soon as he sat down, his fingertips nipped at my elbow and he told me he loved my sweater.

I chose the restaurant. It's my favorite place in Midtown and my stand-by date place. Besides, I had coupons. What I was not counting on, however, was Oscar night. The upstairs was rented out for the AIDS Survivor Oscar Party.

"Omigod," he whispered as we saw men in tuxes and tiaras dancing in front of a projection TV screen.

"That's Midtown for you!" I laughed.

Because the Oscars was playing on every screen, most of our conversation--when we weren't watching--revolved around our taste in movies.

"What do you mean you haven't seen Little Miss Sunshine?!" I hollered.

"I've never saw it. No reason why."

"Well you have to see it. And if you don't love it, then we have much bigger problems."

After dinner we walked back to his truck, clumsily avoiding the crazy homeless man who was trying to sell Jack a flower. I grabbed Jack's hand after the man started screaming obscenities at us and shaking the wilted flower.

"That's Midtown," I repeated and we heard the swell of cheers from the AIDS Survivor Oscar Party.

"What now?"

"Little Miss Sunshine?"

"Okay," he playfully sighed.

Back at my place he admired my books as I slipped the disc in. When I sat down on the couch, he had wrapped himself around me. I don't know how he did it, but it was very crafty. He then pressed his cheek to my temple and smelled my hair.

And he liked Little Miss Sunshine.

I turned off the DVD player, leaned in to kiss Jack, and he extended his cheek to me.

"Don't be a dick," and I grabbed his chin and pulled it towards me. Um, did I just say that? Out loud? So he could hear?

Classy, table for one please.

He made a joke about the line while I sat there, utterly horrified at what just escaped my mouth. He then got up to leave.

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit ohshit!

At the door he grabbed me and kissed me again, telling me he'll call. I closed the door, locked it, and turned around and sank down on the cold slate tile.

What is wrong with me? And why am I allowed in public?


Indiana said...

He said he would call you...and he kissed you again upon leaving...sounds like it was a pretty good date with a nice guy.

general_boy said...

It's still good! It's still good!!! I mean it is, right?

Pinky said...

oh oh o hohoho i'm so excited about this one!

Scorpy said...

He likes you and you proved to him you are normal...guys like that :)

M said...

he sounds pretty cool so far Sarah! yay.

Phil said...

I'd mark that date down as a solid B.

And your "Don't be a dick" line (in the context of the moment) is the most wonderful sentence I've heard in ages. If he's not hooked he enjoyed the Oscar party more than he's letting on.

brea said...

Haha! The boy I still haven't written anything more about except to say we kissed.... anyway! He kissed me first, and then I tried to kiss him later and he wouldn't let me (we were surrounded by people) and I am pretty sure I glared at him and called him a dick! Or at least, another not-so-nice name. There you have it, classy, table for two!

Walter said...

Maybe you shouldn't have let him watch Little Miss Sunshine. The next time he goes to pick you up, you might have to help him push start the truck and jump in while its rolling.

Sarah said...

Indiana- Yes, but everyone knows "I'll call you" really means "OMG there is something seriously wrong with you and I'm going to tell all my friends what a freak you are while not calling you."

General Boy- Dating is awesome. It makes me second guess every freaking thing I do.

Pinky- You don't think me calling him a dick scared him off?

Scorpy- By calling him a name while stealing a kiss?

M- I'm not too sure of how I feel, just that I want it to be my decision if we go out again, not his!

Phil- Please move to the States and be my best friend. You're the only one who thinks all the crap I say is endearing :)

Brea- I love you! I knew there was a reason I liked you so much!

Walter- The broken horn was much much funnier. Hee :)

Anonymous said...

Heh. At least it made me chuckle and feel good about myself.

I would think that was funny, compared to the million really stupid things that I have had girls intentionally say that were not amusing in any way whatsoever.

dont eat token said...

I don't think he would have kissed you at the door if he didn't think you were quite charming.


Sarah said...

Mister Underhill- So unintentional stupidity can be overlooked? Awesome.

Don't Eat Token- Maybe he thought I would go crazy on his ass otherwise ;)


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