~Friday, March 09, 2007


The allure of gin and tonics and Mr. Show brought Jack to my apartment late last night. We soon found ourselves in the same compromising position as last time. Just when I clutched my chest to curb its pounding, he pulled my hand away and squeezed it tight.

"This," he nodded to me as I tried to control my breathing, "This is good. It means you're opening up."

I lifted my head off my pillow until my lower lip tickled his earlobe. "This is how I get hurt," I whispered. "I'm so scared." I was grateful for his weight on top of me. It was covering me, hiding me, protecting me.

"I know, Baby. But I am so enamored with you. I'm not going anywhere."

"I'm so scared. I'm so scared. I'm so scared."

Dear God, please let me be the one to break his heart...


Walter said...

How about, "Dear God, let no one's heart get broken"?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Show!!! That's the best show ever.

Any potential heartbreaking is usually tempered when I realize "Wow, this girl is an insane idiot. Who's insane."

Pinky said...

oh this post broke my heart.... good luck honey, at some point, the wrong ones add up to a right one, i hope he's it xxx

standontheright said...

sarah my lovely, now come on, deep breath. You can do it girl xx

Scorpy said...

Sarah...there seems to be a theme running around this week that everyone is 'Fearing failure' BEFORE anything has started...I hope it goes well hun...remember he can wait it won't kill him :)

M said...

wouldn't it be great if we could make 'em sign a contract about this heart breaking business?

Phil said...

Good vibes to you my friend.

dont eat token said...

I'm sending heart healthy thoughts your way.

Two Drink Girl said...

I feel for you, but can I just say I fucking hate how well you write.


brea said...

Our lives are mirroring eachother.

It's sort of weird. I have that same exact thought each time I'm with Adam. "Let me be the one to break his heart..." I don't care if it is selfish, it is how I feel!

Cain said...

Enjoy...and, love this time.

I'm not going anywhere, either:
Rooting for you, here on the blogville sidelines. :)

(As you can see, I'm riding, on my ass, and singing a song.~~lol!)



londongirl said...

I'm with Walter. Delighted you're excited - I'm excited just reading about it - but may no-one be broken.

Biby Cletus said...

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Sarah said...

Walter- Odds are that isn't going to happen.

Mister Underhill- Mr Show! I love Mr Show!

Pinky- I could use a right one :)

Standontheright- I'm trying!

Scorpy- That's because failure sucks so badly!

M- Oooh, I like!

Phil- Thanks.

Don't Eat Token- I need 'em!

Two Drink Girl- You know me, I practice all the time :)

Brea- I'm so glad someone else feels that way. I hope things work out for you too!

Cain- Thanks!

Londongirl- That would be nice :)

Miss Natalie said...

No expectations, no disappointments - try it.

If that doesn't work

Its better to have love and lost than never been loved.


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