~Thursday, April 26, 2007


Sometimes when I am without inspiration, I read through my archives. I came across this post this week and I choked and shot Diet Coke out my nose.

"You equate tearing you down with love. If it's not a battle, you don't think it's real because it's too easy, " he said.

Oh holy god, he was totally right.


Kate said...

that doesn't excuse all the games he plays with you though.

HomeImprovementNinja said...

Well, I think in order to break free from those destructive patterns you have to identify what they are first, and why you do them. So now you know.

Drama Queen said...

I dunno I don't always believe that your childhood has to effect your adulthood. I never knew my dad and my mum died when I was young and instead of jumping from shitty relationship to shitty relationship I found solace in a nice one. And instead of getting freaked with the security I love it. But maybe I love it because I never had it, which kind of undermines my whole point.


You know the cycle, NOW BREAK IT!!

Anonymous said...

just because you subconciously go for the assholes doesn't mean you have put up with it - you need to make the decision to find a nice guy - forget the shitty ones, they aren't worth it.

general_boy said...

Hey did shooting the diet coke out your nose then remind you of another post? ;)

Two Drink Girl said...


dont eat token said...

It's possible for someone to be totally enamoured with you, every day, even when YOU'RE the asshole. I promise.

I don't feel like it's my place to give advice, because I can't really know all the factors involved here, but ...

Make sure your lover is someone who makes you feel like you're the most interesting and vivacious woman he's been lucky enough to get to know.


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