~Monday, April 23, 2007

Trumping a lose-lose situation

Triumphantly, I held up my vibrating phone to show my friends across the bar table.

"Don't answer it!" Harvey shouted.

I smiled and stuck Jack back in my pocket, unanswered.

"I don't get game playing," said Helen as she picked up her pint glass and took a drink. Well Helen wouldn't have to: she's 6'1" and absolutely gorgeous with a dreamy boyfriend of two years who worships her.

The next phone to vibrate was Helen's. I had a feeling who it was before she picked up.

"Quick everybody! Laugh!" ordered Harvey. I heart Harvey.

"Hey Jack," laughed Helen. "Yeah, we're out. It's me and Harvey and Sarah and... I don't know why she didn't pick up her phone. Mine was sitting on the table, so I saw it light up; she may not have heard hers..."

Helen laughed before hanging up. "He was really bothered that you didn't answer your phone. He tried to make it a joke, but he was complaining too much."

"And that, Helen, is why you play games."

Jack's perplexing: he likes his own freedom, but doesn't seem to respect mine. Yet at the same time, he's so afraid of commitment and co-dependency. It's like he wants his girls to have a need for him. But he doesn't.

There is no win in the solution. There is only lose.


Drama Queen said...

Yikes. Is it normal that he should phone a friends phone if he can't get in touch with you? I thought you were the clingy one here. The tables have turned! Loving it!

Blue Soup said...

This guy is too contradictory to bear thinking about. Sometimes this can be interesting and quirky; In this case he just seems like a pain in the rear end. Do you really want all this crap so early on? xx

pink jellybaby said...

hmmm. gmaes might be cool in the beginning but could you stomach a whole relationship of them?

general_boy said...

And who knows... while you're out "playing" you might meet someone really nice!

Kate said...

i went thru this last year. it sucks because it gets you all twisted up inside no matter how much you say you're not gonna play his game.

londongirl said...

I'm with Kate. Jack is a twisty, confusing, head-fuck of a man.

I think you deserve someone who just likes you for you. basta. no?

HomeImprovementNinja said...

This reminds of something Anais Nin said in her diaries: In Love, nobody wins.

monk said...

You are conciously giving yourself space and making an effort to distance the need of him.

Growing pains...like I said.

Physically see him and touch him and you'll be head over heels again...trust me.

Res said...

'round, and 'round, and 'round
she goes; an' where she stops...


(I always get the feeling I've walked in on a conversation I shouldn't be hearing...

but, it's kinda fun.)

Please don't hate me for saying that. (I hate car wreaks!)

Best of luck, sweet Sarah.



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